Rookie Interior Design Mistakes You Made And Should Not Make Again

Because of the vast information that is available online, most people believe that it is easy to create a perfect interior design. This is not actually the case. In reality, you want to be sure that you always make really good choices. Everything does start with figuring out the mistakes that you make. Out of […]

9 Decorating Tips For Small Apartments

A small apartment can be hard to decorate, but living in a place with no personality is even harder. The best way to transform a small apartment into a nice home is to learn how to create optical illusions that will make the space appear to be larger than it is. Besides this, combining décor […]

6 Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom

You like the furniture in your bedroom but you feel like something is missing? Through décor you can add the extra touch that can transform any boring bedroom into a welcoming one. Pillows Everybody love pillows and there’s a reason for that! They are not only comfortable, they are also stylish. If your bedroom is […]

6 Ways To Add French Flair To Your Home

When it comes to architecture and interior design, France is, and always will be, a great source of inspiration. Sophisticated, elegant and very stylish, the French way is the best way if you dream of a house with an elegant, old-school charm. French style homes are not as ostentatious as most people think. Living in […]

Victorian Interior Design Overview

Victorian interior design has its roots in the period between 1837 and 1901, during Britain’s Queen Victoria reign. This is how the name originated. The influences and ideas present in this style come from the era that was marked as change through item mass production in many goods that were available. Reproduction and imitation makes […]

Simple Office Design Tips To Use Right Now

In order to create a pleasant and productive work environment, office design is 100% vital. You can do it without the help of a design firm but you will need patience. Keep in mind that the perfectly designed office is going to cost you a little more but at the end of the day, it […]

Scandinavian Modern Design Overview

According to some specialists, Scandinavian design appeared in the fifties while others say that it appeared during the thirties. No matter when it appeared, the first development did take place between 1950 and 1970, with the modern design appearing in the past 10 years. Ever since 2006, with the appearance of the Forum AID Award, […]

Tips To Design A Bohemian Interior

The Bohemian interior design style is one that easily catches your attention and that many will end up faced with a special love attached to the look. Bohemian manages to break rules and make current design trends obsolete. We commonly refer to this style as Boho style and you will also see many saying Boho […]

How To Use Black In Interior Design

Black is definitely a color that many are afraid to use in interior design. It is really easy to understand way this is the case. Adding a lot of black can easily make a room unwelcoming, especially when used improperly on walls. However, using black properly can create a wonderful interior design setting that is […]

American Contemporary Interior Design Style

Americans take pride in how they build and decorate their homes because they have a certain touch when it comes to colors, fabrics and even pieces of furniture. The American contemporary style has evolved considerably from the traditional ways, but there are certain elements that have remained untouched. Here are some ideas on how to […]