Spanish revival style bathrooms?

I knew about Spanish revival style homes, characterized by the white stucco buildings, the gabled roofs, and the terracotta moldings. But honestly, I didn’t know it extended to every nook and corner of the home, and by that I mean the bathroom. It was only after we decided to undertake a home improvement project and […]

The Septic System and Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains in the basement are often converted into basement drains since it is very near the septic system. This is one reason why the basement is the most important room in the house with regards to plumbing requirements and maintenance. It is the lowest part of your home, making it the closest to where […]

Comfort and Style in the Bathroom

Although we often spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else, when it comes time to renovate it’s often the bathroom that’s the most overlooked room in the house. There’s so much that can be done to enhance the appearance, comfort and functionality of the bathroom, rendering it a more attractive, comfortable and functional […]

Top 5 Home Improvement Tips that Increase Resale Value

If you’re looking for a way to boost your house’s resale value without making it feel any less like home, a targeted home improvement project or two might be in order. From expanding and modernizing your current kitchen to adding an entirely new room above your garage or in your basement, plenty of straightforward home […]

Give Your Bathroom a Brand New Look This Season

You may spend a considerable amount of time in your bathroom but when it comes to remodelling, it is often the most overlooked and neglected area of the house. However, that should not be the case at all. The bathroom may not be the first thing people notice when they visit your house but that […]

Essential Upgrades that can increase the value of your home

It is very essential to make home improvements if you wanted toincrease the value of your home. Thus, there are so many home improvement ways that you can do starting from the ceilings to the floor. Changes that will surely enhance the value of your home especially in the market place. Application of trendy ways […]

Guidelines to collect home decor ideas

Construction and decor are two things important to make your house your dream home. While for construction you require a good housing contractor, you can refer to multiple sources for home decor ideas.   Here are few home decor tips.  Find out the reputable building supply store. Visit these stores. You can ask the storekeeper […]