4 Telltale Signs Your HVAC System is Failing


90% of homes in America use some sort of HVAC system for their heating and cooling. This is a great way to keep your home comfortable all year round.

However, an HVAC system is a serious investment, and taking care of it properly is essential. Without regular maintenance, you could end up needing an entire HVAC replacement.

Knowing how to spot the signs of an HVAC system in trouble is essential. Read on now to find out three signs that you might need an HVAC service!

  1. Your System Isn’t Producing Cool Air

If you notice a drop in the amount of cool air that your system is producing then you certainly have an issue. This might be the result of:

  • A faulty fan
  • Damage to your compressor
  • Lower Freon levels in your HVAC system

This might mean that part of your HVAC system needs replacing in order to get it working again.

  1. The System Keeps Switching Off and On

Provided that your HVAC system has been set up properly, it will respond to the temperature in your home automatically. This is what tells it to switch between heating and cooling.

However, if you notice that your system keeps switching off and on without a clear reason this might indicate another problem. Often the issue is with the thermostat failing to read the temperature of the room. In that case, an engineer will be able to resolve the issue by replacing the thermostat on your system.

  1. Water is Leaking From Your HVAC System

If water is leaking from your HVAC system this could mean that:

  • The drain tube has been damaged
  • The condenser unit has been damaged
  • Your refrigerant is leaking
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You shouldn’t overlook any of these issues as they will quickly stop your HVAC system from working properly. However, leaking refrigerants can also cause serious health issues if left unattended. So it is important to get help from an HVAC company.

  1. The Bills Are Piling Up 

To run effectively, your HVAC system needs energy and its energy usage will vary depending on how much you are using it. For example, over a hot summer, it will be using considerably more energy than it does during the spring or fall.

However, if your system is not running properly it will use a lot more energy than normal as it tries to perform the same job. So if you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, it is worth taking a closer look at your HVAC system. This could be the cause of the problem.

Get Help With Your HVAC System Today

There are plenty of things that could suggest you’re in need of HVAC repair. If you notice any of these, make sure that you’re in the 42% of HVAC users that get professionals to help with their maintenance! This will ensure your HVAC system keeps running for as long as possible.

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