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Curb Appeal Blunders That Scare Home Buyers Off

First impressions matter in home buying processes; if your house lacks curb appeal, potential buyers might reject it before even setting foot inside. Curb appeal can be determined by factors like yard, flowers, landscaping and driveway conditions; but many homeowners make mistakes which have the potential to diminish this appearance of their home. 1. Overlooking ...


Types of Real Estate Agencies

There are many types of real estate agencies. There are brokers, Broker’s agents, and Exclusive right to sell. You can find the right one for your situation by reading the following article. You can also compare the various types of agencies to help you choose the best one. Below are some of the most common ...


Letting Agents Can Solve Most of Your Landlord Problems

A letting agent is someone who facilitates the exchange of contracts between two parties. They represent one party and ensure that a contract is drawn up between them and another party. In many cases they are also acting as a solicitor for their client. Letting agents have to follow certain rules and regulations when drawing ...


2021 luxury real estate trends

3 Luxury Real Estate Trends for 2021

Whether you are hoping to get into the luxury real estate market, or you already own a luxury property, this year is already shaping up to be a rather robust and exciting one. With that said, there are a number of trends that are also presenting themselves, causing buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to ...

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Information on Real Estate Communities

Established in 1998, Real Estate Communities (RR Communities) is a real estate agency providing property search and analysis features to assist property owners searching for new homes. The company offers an easy to use web site that includes an interactive real estate marketplace for real estate agents and real estate providers. The site includes many ...