Interior Design Trends in Peru

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Embroidered pillows are a beloved Peruvian home accessory, often featuring iconic Peruvian images like llamas or birds in vibrant colors.

Metal sculptures of pyramids or obelisks are an easy way to bring Inca culture into your home decor, whether at your local home goods store or online. Find some today!

Comfortable Seating

With its warm climate, Peruvian style often emphasizes soft upholstered seating for comfort. Contrasting with Greek or Arab design which uses low seats with no back support or caning to support plush cushions and pillows; Peruvian furniture features beautiful wood frames paired with caning that supports plush cushions or even plush pillows adorned with embroidery or patterns that complement its bright colors and patterns textiles. When looking for furniture that best encapsulates Peruvian style there’s no beating the best upholstered seating.

Interior design trends of 2024 go beyond aesthetics; they focus on what’s felt as well. One popular trend that marries aesthetics with comfort and warmth is sherpa or woven fabrics like ALMA de LUCE’s Karesansui rug as an added way of elevating one’s home’s style.

Sustainable minimalism is another popular interior design trend in Peru, which marries minimalist aesthetics with environmental responsibility by minimizing waste production and using sustainable materials. Implementing this interior design style shows your customers that you care both about their planet’s needs as well as satisfying individual ones.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents can add a glamorous, luxurious atmosphere to any room. Metallics immediately elevate any piece of furniture and can create a refined, luxurious atmosphere in any space – be it kitchen appliances made of stainless steel or shiny silver mirror frames – adding metallics can give any room an instantly modern aesthetic that makes every space feel fresh and modern. While many may shy away from mixing metals due to fears they will clash, using metallics with various styles – including Peruvian design – can look extremely chic when done properly.

Metal furniture is a staple in Peruvian design, particularly wrought iron pieces like headboards, dining tables, chairs and decorative accents such as trays, candle holders and picture frames made of this metal. Crucifixes and metal sculptures of horses, llamas or other animals can also be found around homes across Peru. Metallics also add an elegant touch when used as floral arrangements backdrops: gold can complement red and yellow blooms perfectly while silver adds depth for blue or purple bouquets.

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Bright Textiles

Peru is famed for its vibrant textiles woven by artisans using yarn spun from alpaca or llama hair to craft intricate “pallays,” creating truly exquisite works of art.

These vivid pieces often depict stories and traditions from local communities and regions, while also showcasing their natural beauty as well as mineral deposits found throughout Peru and Chile.

Metallic accents are an integral component of Peruvian design, just as in other global styles. Large silver picture frames with intricate engravings can often be found in Peruvian homes; this serves as an effective way to display family heirlooms while honoring tradition. Metal vases provide another easy way to bring this style into your own space.

Craftspeople in villages throughout Peru take great pride in passing down their knowledge and traditions to future generations through weaving skills that reflect the local environment, animals they know well, or special moments from history through patterns and symbols they use when weaving their textiles. You can see this tradition come to life in our Threads of Peru Interiors Collection including our Mapacho Master Bedspread!

Spanish Colonial

Peruvian architects and artists were heavily influenced by Spanish styles, while still incorporating native elements into their designs. This combination of foreign influences – or “mestizaje” – contributed significantly to creating the unique Peruvian aesthetic.

Lima’s historic district features many homes with box balconies that were popular with Peru’s upper classes centuries ago; these architectural elements allowed them to “snoop” on neighbors without being noticed – giving them an advantage in keeping tabs on things!

Balconies showcase a blend of indigenous and Spanish design features. Architects often combine simple native quincha lines (beam and column) with European-style wrought iron accents on stairs or doors to bring Peruvian influence to their work. Wrought iron accents also serve to add Peruvian flare into homes!

Embroidered pillows and bedding embody Peruvian-influenced style. These pieces display vibrant patterns with bird, flower, or llama motifs woven throughout them for instantaneous Peruvian flair in your space. Pair these pillows and bedding pieces with bright couches and comfy chairs for instant Peruvian charm in any room! Metal accents such as wrought iron or pewter work well too – look out for wood headboards featuring intricate metal inlays or side tables featuring these shiny accessories to complete this design aesthetic.

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Exposed Brick

Exposed brick adds an authentic charm that other materials simply cannot. Its distinct texture gives each building an individual identity while its long-term durability requires minimal upkeep – two qualities which have made exposed brick a staple in modern home renovation projects.

Though industrial styles often incorporate brick walls in their designs, this trend can easily be integrated into other styles as well. Mid-century modern designs often incorporate exposed brick walls painted a dark color for an industrial feel; traditional designs may feature unfinished and sealed brick walls as well as painted ones in gray hues or moody tones for an authentic traditional vibe.

Wrought iron has long been used as an element in Peruvian homes thanks to their historic mining industry, so look for headboards, tables and benches fashioned out of this material which feature indigenous motifs such as Alpacas or horses to bring this design element into your home. Furthermore, use frames constructed of wrought iron for photos or artwork depicting Peruvian culture as another way of adding it into your space.

Natural Stones and Minerals

Peruvians take great pride in celebrating nature through earthy colors and textures, including minerals and stones found throughout their country’s decor. Look out for colorful stone vases or large geode bowls with silver or gold finishes which represent Peru’s rich mining history as an easy way to bring Peruvian style into any room in which they reside. Adding one or two of these accents can bring Peruvian style right into your own space!

Natural stone is an ideal addition to the biophilic design trend, which encourages people to connect with nature and promote well-being. Cupa Stone products such as Alpaca Travertine and Infercoa slate from Cupa Stone make an ideal addition to any interior design project by providing texture, warmth, and visual interest for flooring or wall cladding applications in interior design projects.

Another excellent way to bring in elements from Peru’s rich mining tradition is with a small horse sculpture, which you can find at most major home goods stores.

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Peruvian culture can best be understood through the melodies played on panpipes. These unique musical instruments have become an essential part of religious festivals and holiday festivities throughout Andean region.

There’s something truly stunning about their sound; created from two rows of different notes played alternately across a diatonic scale. These ancient instruments remain popular today and can be found in museums worldwide.

Rugs are an integral component of traditional Peruvian decor. Crafted from llama or alpaca hair and intricately woven together into amazing works of art, rugs are an easy way to bring some Peruvian culture and heritage into any home or make great gifts that showcase Peru’s rich cultural history and heritage.

Terra cotta is another prized material in Peru, both for its aesthetic qualities and practical applications. A side table or entryway bench made of this porous material pairs beautifully with brightly-hued Peruvian runners and displays some of the many striking plants found throughout this beautiful nation.


Interior design trends this year focus heavily on adding color and style to areas of the home previously neglected, such as corridors, pantries, or utility rooms. According to experts, corridors, pantries, and utility rooms are currently experiencing a long overdue design revival.

Peruvian rugs can often be found at big-box stores, featuring traditional Andean patterns of alpacas, sheep and birds in vibrant hues. Crafted by skilled artisans using natural organic dyes for dyeing techniques sourced directly from Peru’s countryside – perfect for adding the essence of Andes into any room of your home!

Other Peruvian accessories have also made their way into contemporary homes, including felt garlands featuring traditional colors from Peru such as blues, greens, reds and purples; as well as wrought iron headboards with metal accents or wooden furniture featuring metal embellishments.

As an ode to the past, sepia tones have seen an extraordinary surge in their comeback. Reminiscent of photography taken on film, sepia hues add an earthy charm that works particularly well when combined with neutral wall and drapery colors that convey warm beach sand underfoot.