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General Home Improvement Examples to Increase Your Home’s Value

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No matter your home improvement goals – from adding more living space or increasing curb appeal, to selecting projects with high resale value – selecting projects carefully can increase resale value and add to resale value. An office or recording studio might be dream come true for your family but buyers might not see it as an attractive selling point.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a popular general home improvement project and an effective way to update the look of your home. Many potential home buyers take note when viewing homes for sale; an upgrade like this one can add value and increase equity over time.

As part of your kitchen upgrade project, expect to replace or update cabinetry, flooring, backsplashes, appliances, sinks and lighting fixtures. The size and scope of this task will depend upon your goals for the room as well as budgetary constraints.

Planning stage of your kitchen remodel allows you to determine its scope. According to Ariana Lovato of Honeycomb Design in Shell Beach, California, this can vary from a simple cosmetic upgrade to what she terms a total gut, which could require demolishing walls and reconfiguring your layout (permits may be required for such work).

If your goal is to maximize visual return on your kitchen renovation investment, be careful not to over-customize. A walk-in wine cellar might make your kitchen functional and visually appealing for yourself but could limit future homebuyers if you decide to sell. Instead, select a design style likely to appeal to most people in your market and can easily be modified to their tastes; this will ensure your remodel remains an investment with lasting value for your home’s long-term value. Be sure to also review your budget at this stage to prepare for unanticipated costs such as costly repairs or needing subcontractors for complex or dangerous tasks.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects due to its high return on investment and ability to make your house more livable. You can add value by making practical upgrades like installing double vanities, shower-bathtub combinations or creating additional storage space. Furthermore, remodeling can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom by replacing outdated fixtures, installing new flooring or adding smart technology features like heated floors or Bluetooth speakers that add an additional sense of luxury and livability.

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An extensive bathroom remodel involves expanding the square footage of a room, taking down walls, and adding windows. When undertaking such a complex renovation process it’s vital that you work with an experienced contractor who can advise on which style best meets your needs within your budget.

Remodeling your bathroom could require a permit from your building or condo board; for instance, co-ops and condos often have regulations about when construction workers can access common areas to move materials or equipment and when elevators must be used. Hiring a professional contractor will guide you through this process and can help avoid any costly errors or oversights.

As soon as you’re ready to begin planning, it’s wise to create both a budget and design plan. Measure all new fixtures before collecting design inspiration by exploring magazines, websites and showrooms – save images to create a mood board so that your contractor can easily see them!

As you create your budget, don’t forget to set aside money for unexpected expenses. Renovation can bring unexpected circumstances such as damage to existing structures or material shortages which could affect schedule and add cost – it is wise to reserve 5-10% of the budget as contingencies.

Basement Remodeling

From home theaters to comfortable living spaces, basement remodeling is an effective way of making use of any unused part of your home. When completed with thoughtful renovations, a renovated basement can become your family’s favorite gathering spot while simultaneously increasing its resale value.

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Renovation of a basement should be approached carefully as over-improvement may prevent your home from selling later on. To prevent over-improving, compare prices of comparable houses in your neighborhood – especially ones with finished basements recently sold – before consulting an appraiser about what your property’s true worth is.

An average basement remodel may last from one week to several months depending on its scope, materials needed, and availability of contractors. As with other home improvements projects, planning ahead can reduce costs significantly while mitigating risks related to unforeseen delays.

As you transform your basement into the perfect party space or mother-in-law suite, take time to inspect for structural problems such as cracked walls and floors, puddling water from slow leaks or slow puddling, sagging ceilings or suspicious electrical wiring. If any are discovered during this process, have them repaired immediately to avoid more expensive expenses in the future.

Basements often boast few windows, making them the ideal place for creating an immersive home theater. Add rows of recliners, large screen TV and projector or create an entire movie room to transform your basement into the ultimate entertainment zone.

The basement can also be an ideal space to upgrade flooring. While carpet may be budget-friendly, hardwood and stone tiles offer more upscale alternatives that could transform its feel.

If your basement will serve as guest bedrooms or offices, investing in adding an extra bathroom could be a wise move. A dedicated space makes life much simpler for guests who visit your home; not to mention increasing its resale potential! Installing additional baths requires plumbing, electrical, and flooring upgrades but may prove cost-effective in the end.

Exterior Remodeling

Home exteriors can become worn-down over time due to weather damage, design trends that come and go and personal preferences that affect its appearance. One way home remodeling can increase curb appeal and value is home remodeling.

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Exterior renovation projects range in complexity from repainting jobs to replacing all of your siding. Additions such as energy-efficient windows and doors, well-kept decks and energy-saving LED bulbs all make great improvements that add both beauty and value to a property’s exterior. A fence also helps enhance visual appeal while adding privacy and security features to a property.

Painting your house exterior can be an affordable project that can completely change its exterior appearance. There is an assortment of colors and styles available that are sure to match any personal taste or budget.

Some homeowners opt for more dramatic changes by altering the exterior style of their home, adding decorative elements such as shutters, stone veneer, or iron accents to its exterior design. Alterations could also involve taking steps to eliminate or update older design features in favor of creating a cleaner and more modern appearance.

Other homeowners may wish to enhance the energy efficiency of their home through various means, including adding insulation, improving windows and doors, installing solar panels or any number of other changes. It is wise to seek the services of an experienced contractor when undertaking such renovations.

Many remodeling novices make themselves unnecessarily vulnerable by failing to devise an organized plan prior to beginning their projects. Proper planning can save time, money, and frustration.

Before beginning work on any renovations, a top-quality remodeling company should provide homeowners with a written estimate and ensure all applicable permits have been secured. A licensed contractor should also be able to provide proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage in case an accident or injury should arise on the job, providing peace of mind during renovation processes. This step ensures safety and satisfaction during any transformation process.