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American Patriotic Interior Design Style

American design, American patriotic interior design

Decorating a house exactly how you want to in order to feel comfortable and feel like it represents you is not an easy task. When it comes to interior design, America brings three major styles developed in different areas of the country. It is well known that countries all over the world adopted the “American style” and this included interior design as well.

The American trend is everywhere and the main reason is the movies, TV shows and all the media that took over the world. We saw so many houses that impressed us and this is how we made an idea about how our next house will look like.

American Patriotic Interior Design Style

As far as concerning interior design, America brings three styles:

Coast style appeared with the development of projects for vacation houses on the coast. They have a special style, based on a mix of furniture and decorations.

The South-West style is known for its heavy, full, sculpted furniture. It’s a style with many elements and strong accents on colors and handmade decorations.

American Patriotic Interior Design Style 2

Finally, the Mountain style is defined by the houses in the mountain area. The furniture and the decorations are generally rustic, realized from wood, leather and wrought iron. The most used materials are cotton and wool.

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But, the list is not complete. The Americana decorating style, patriotic home decor is the easiest to recognize. The American Patriotic interior design appeared as a tribute to the land of freedom and possibilities. It basically looks like 4th of July the entire year.

American Patriotic Interior Design Style 3

The idea is actually pretty genius and all these specific elements are added to the existing styles we already talked about.

Before embarking on such a project, you should try to imagine the overview, make a general impression. You don’t want it to be too much. Patriotic theme usually consists of: flags, stars, stars and stripes, Statue of Liberty, Advertising from World War I and World War II, and so on. These elements are added to a clean wall painted in a single color, such as beige or a faded denim color.

In order to complete the style, there are certain objects that should not be missing from a room: checkerboards, antique tin soldiers, advertisings and other old stuff related to history. Another element present in most patriotic houses is the nautical theme. Lighthouses, ships in bottles, shells, anchors, fishing weights, lanterns and everything related to the ocean are very well seen.

American Patriotic Interior Design Style 4

You can use the American Patriotic Style anywhere in your house, kitchen included. All you need to do is capture the spirit of this style and you could easily transform your kitchen into an amazing place. Accessorizing is the most important activity you need to take into consideration when you want to transform your house. Dishcloths, tablecloths, mats, vases, flags, small containers, pillows are just a few examples of the things generally required in a house that can completely change the view.

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If you decide to add some patriotism in a certain room, make sure you know what every single element represents. Remember that interior design is not only about looks, it’s also about the way a certain space makes you feel. You need to be able to tell a few words about everything present in your house and you need to know for sure the reason which determined you to choose this style.