Attic Improvements Boost Home Value


Making attic improvements is a great way to increase energy efficiency in your home, by installing insulation, radiant barrier or fans – you could reduce energy bills considerably!

Before embarking on any renovation work, always consult your local planning and zoning office to make sure it will be approved – this can save a great deal of hassle in the future!

Natural Light

Natural light is an invaluable ingredient for a home: it’s environmentally-friendly, easy on your electricity bill and, even during Pacific Northwest winters, abundantly available. Utilizing this abundant resource in your attic and throughout your house can enhance its design while simultaneously increasing property values.

One of the best ways to add natural light into an attic space is with roof windows. These glass fixtures bring light into these darkened rooms and are an excellent solution when regular windows can’t be fitted due to limited space or practical considerations.

Installing sky lights can also bring in more natural light; these fixtures are an effective solution for providing illumination in attic spaces such as bedrooms where ceilings don’t meet standard window height requirements.

Additionally to installing skylights, ensuring that your attic is ventilated is crucial to keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. Proper insulation and air sealing measures will keep heat out while keeping air out – helping prevent ice dams or any potential roof damage from occurring.

Passive ventilation such as soffit and ridge vents often fail to provide sufficient airflow in an attic, creating stagnant air that quickly heats and moistens, creating heat and moisture build-up. By adding an electric or manual opening skylight with an animal deterrent screen installed, free daylight and ventilation can reach living areas within your attic. Natural Light solar attic fans have been designed with an angled throat for maximum airflow as well as venturi-effect flashing technology for maximum ventilation efficiency; additionally a thermal switch ensures only runs when necessary, further saving energy savings while attic fans run only when necessary for maximum energy savings potential.

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Additional Living Space

Your attic space offers endless possibilities, whether that be as a bedroom, home office, playroom, or another living area. Achieve this without breaking the bank can add tremendous value and functionality. An experienced home additions contractor can help you decide the best layout and meet all building codes with your finished attic space.

Renovating an attic requires insulation, drywalling and flooring work as well as plumbing and electrical work, plumbing maintenance or upgrades, HVAC installation if the space will become living/bedroom space; professional consultation should determine whether installing new furnace/air conditioning will be practical or whether existing systems can handle extra loads.

If you plan to use your attic as a living area, a staircase and walls need to be insulated appropriately – typically R-50 per square foot of insulation will suffice. Furthermore, having an attic broom closet built-in would come in handy so cleaning supplies won’t need to be carried up every time they’re needed.

Ceiling fans are an essential feature in any attic and will help keep the space cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Ductwork must also be expanded if using it as living or sleeping quarters.

Floors may seem like an afterthought in attic remodels, but they can have an enormous effect on how a space appears and feels. Ecos of Trim in Ireland created an attic conversion featuring buttery yellow wide plank floors which reflect natural light coming through skylights to make this attic conversion feel bright and welcoming.

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If you plan to convert your attic into a bedroom, insulation will be key to its success and floor and joists must be reinforced with additional wood. In addition, it should have stairs leading down into it as well as windows for natural lighting as well as enough headroom to meet building codes.

Increased Home Value

Your attic may often go overlooked, but it serves a crucial function. When renovated properly, an attic can serve as an extra bedroom, living space or cozy nook for entertaining – both increasing your personal living space as well as increasing its overall value.

One of the best attic improvement ideas is adding insulation. Insulation is relatively affordable and can significantly increase energy efficiency while helping lower your bills by maintaining more stable temperatures year round. Plus, proper attic insulation may deter pests and insects that cause damage to homes as well as health concerns for families living there.

Add custom woodwork to enhance the resale value of your attic by making the space feel beautiful and integrated into the rest of your home. Fresh paint coats provide another easy and cost-effective way to modernize this space; gray hues offer an ideal neutral backdrop that allows other furniture and decorations to stand out.

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Add value to your attic by renovating with an additional bathroom. Depending on the scope and nature of this work, this may involve plumbing and electrical work which will increase project costs; as well as covering installation of hardwood or laminate flooring.

Though finishing your attic can be an excellent investment, before undertaking any renovations it is always advisable to conduct research first and find a reliable contractor with experience and expertise in your chosen type of renovations. A trained professional will be able to guide your decisions and ensure your home improvement project is completed on time, within budget, with the highest possible level of craftsmanship.

Not only will finishing an attic add significant resale value to your home, it is a practical solution to expanding living space without moving. By taking advantage of an underused space and turning your attic into a bedroom, home office, or entertainment room that suits both you and any future buyers’ needs.