Cat House Design Tips

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Cat owners know how much fun it can be to build their own cat house. It gives you the satisfaction of having built something entirely on your own, especially if you’re a cat owner with plenty of free time on your hands. There are a lot of ways to build a cat house, but most of them involve purchasing materials and taking away materials until they build the structure. With this cat house design, all the materials you need are already in your shed.

cat house design


Build this adorable wooden cat house with PureBond cedar wood. The tiny cube-like form adds personality to the entrance, and the appeal is added by closing a small hole in the back. This is probably the best among all the minimalist cat houses. The cedar is naturally resistant to insects, fungus, mildew and rot, which make it ideal for use in places where wood-rots and other insects could thrive.

What To Consider

Cats are very active little creatures, and love to explore, thus making cat grooming a necessity. It is therefore a good idea to make your cat house as comfortable and cosy as possible. A simple, yet effective, way to do that is to use a good cardboard box to frame your ideas of what you want your cat house design to look like. This is a cheaper alternative to putting up real, wooden frames.

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Cat lovers can create their own cat houses using non-toxic paints, or creating a green eco-friendly version of cat condos. These are popular eco-friendly options used for pet cat condos at parks and other public places. The advantage of using non-toxic paints over toxic paint is that it will not harm your pets or earth. You can also use non-toxic paints that have been approved for use on plastic and wooden pet houses.

For those interested in an all-cat room, you can still use a combination of materials and styles. If you want a more traditional look, consider using a wooden cat house decor, with your choice of wood being your choice of color. If you have young cats, you may want to put a catio on the floor of your cat room.


You can even use a double layered TV tray. If you do this, however, you will need two pieces of plywood and a double sided tape measure. This way, you can be sure to get the measurement right when building your DIY cardboard cat house. You also need two pieces of wood that are the same size as the windows, so measure and cut them to the right size, but you will need two pieces of plywood of different sizes. And, don’t forget the two pieces of cardboard box.