Decorating Ideas and Themes Using Laminated Flooring

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Due to the presence of a variety of colours, lengths, widths, wood species, stone and brick etc. you have unlimited options to give a kick to your flooring and easily decorate it. Whether you want a cheap look or something modern and classy laminated flooring can bring just about anything for you, that even in a budget. The best part about laminated flooring is that it does not look cheap; some people cannot even tell the difference between lamination and real wood if done well! Invest your money in gorgeous wall canvas prints or china or comfy furniture while leave the flooring decor to lamination techniques.


  • Achieve a Country Look with Laminated Flooring

If you want to go for a country decor theme all you need is wooden furniture, open style cabinets, rooster or black and white make your own canvas prints and some distressed looking planks for the flooring. Flooring reflects upon the entire room and for a country theme it has to be rustic and can be best achieved by wide walnut, oak or pine patterns. You can also add creative inlays using your rustic wooden planks to add some visual interest to the floor and some pattern into your room. Flooring perform important role for home decoration process. Floor looking attractive when used furnishing tiles according to room accessories than whole room looking nice and well attractive and home decor more enhance.

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laminated flooring
By floorsmk under CC BY-SA 2.0


  • Bring About Richness and Luxury

Long planks of wood are not the only option you have for lamination but a highly stylised and modern look can be achieved by using stone. This is also great for bathrooms and best for outdoors and patios. It’s mostly available in square tiles and looks best in them too, go for light colours for something chic and stylish while textures and marble look can be used for stylised effects.

  • Create a Light and Airy Room

If you want to focus on a light and open decor such as for a sun room or any comfortable living room then a light coloured pine laminated floor will bring about the desired look. Pine planks are not bare but consist of darker coloured lines giving character to the floor while sun will easily shine upon the light colourings; lighter colours always are responsible for any room to appear spacious. You can finish up the room decor with wicker furniture topped off by comfy cushions and lamps for added decor, not to forget bright wall art. Rugs can be used to add to the flooring, but don’t make them too large because you don’t want to hide away the hard work and money you put into the pine, only use rugs to attract the eye towards the floor. Lighting is important for home decorating. If lighting decorated with great way than over all home location absolutely attractive looking. Light should be well decorated and use latest techniques for great looking. Its according to room location and used great things with high quality material