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Wonderful Energy Saving Measures for A Modern Home

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Thanks to a massive slump in the price of crude oil, energy is pretty cheap right now, but it doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels when it comes to cutting costs. The cost of running a home is still a significant expense and any savings you can make will give you extra cash to spend on other, more exciting things. So if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, here are six green technologies that could save you some money and help out the environment.

1. Harvest Rainwater

Rainwater costs nothing, yet it can be used in numerous places around the home. You might not want to drink rainwater without boiling it first, but you can certainly use rainwater to water the garden or even flush the toilet. Rainwater harvesting systems are fairly inexpensive as long as you do your own installation, so tackle this one as a weekend project.

2. Add Extra Insulation

Approximately 10% of all the energy generated in a home is lost because of poor insulation. So for every $100 you spend on heating your home, you may as well be throwing $10 away. Adding extra insulation to walls and the roof is money well spent. There will be an initial outlay, but you will recoup the cost within a few years.

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3. Install a Solar Array

Solar energy is an excellent way of reducing energy costs, even on a cloudy day. There are lots of government incentives available to encourage homeowners to install solar arrays, so even though it can take several years to recoup the cost of installation, it is worth looking into if your home faces in the right direction.

4. Invest in a New HVAC System

Even with an annual HVAC service, an older HVAC system is likely to be horribly inefficient and costly to run, often costing as much as 30% more in running costs. If you are planning on staying in your home for a few more years, it is definitely worth investing in a more efficient HVAC system.

5. Use an Energy Monitor

Do you know how much energy you consume on a daily basis? An energy monitor is a great way of finding out. These inexpensive gadgets can be connected to an incoming power cable. Data is then transmitted via a Wi-Fi signal to show you how much energy is being used at any given moment. By tracking your energy usage, you can figure out where savings can be made.

6. Use Smart Power Strips

Incredibly, amounts of energy are wasted by leaving devices on stand-by or plugged in and fully-charged. Smart power strips sense when energy demand is low or non-existent and cut off the power accordingly. This helps to eliminate unnecessary power drawdown on outlets in the home. They cost very little to buy, but will save you money within a few months.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to save money on your energy bills – adopting just one or two hacks from this list will make a difference to your pocket and the environment.