Garden Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf

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Artificial grass and turf have long been popular at schools and in public areas, however, in recent years we have seen many homeowners using artificial grass and turf at home, and often to great effect. So is it time to consider artificial grass and turf at home? It would seem to be, for not only has artificial grass and turf become more affordable, but it’s also become far more attractive and there are now a number of products to select from so every homeowner is able to find a artificial grass variety that’s perfect for their home.

Pros and cons of artificial grass

As you’d expect, there are both pros and cons to using artificial grass. Whilst the pros include practically zero maintenance – there’s no fertilising, mowing, trimming, watering or weeding required – the cons include the price – if you’re looking to cover a large area – and the skill required to lay it. Further benefits of artificial grass include its attractive properties, it can be laid in areas where grass can’t, it looks fantastic all year round, it reduces water bills and it’s also easy to clean which makes it a popular choice amongst pet owners.


Artificial grass
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Among the most popular areas to use artificial grass is the area around a pool. Natural grass can prove to be a problem for such areas for a number of reasons, including the fact that it has a tendency to die upon coming into contact with chlorinated water, a consideration that many pool owners frequently overlook. Another problem with natural grass around pools is that it also frequently ends up in the pool, which results in the pool needing to be cleaned more frequently, and then there’s the problem of mowing and trimming to take into account.

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In comparison, artificial grass won’t die upon coming into contact with chlorinated water, it won’t be found floating on the surface after being carried underfoot into the pool and as it requires next to no maintenance whatsoever, there’s no need to deal with considerations like mowing and trimming.

Rooftop gardens

Another popular area to install artificial grass and turf is on rooftop gardens. Once again the pros of opting for artificial rather than natural grass include zero maintenance and year round attractiveness, but there’s another excellent reason for opting for artificial grass and that’s the fact that most rooftops are unable to support the weight of natural grass. This is not only due to the weight of the grass, but also the soil and water that supports it, which makes artificial grass very popular for rooftop gardens along with decking and other areas where natural grass could pose problems due to its weight.

Home putting greens

Among the most popular uses for artificial grass and turf is the home putting green, a dream come true for many golf enthusiasts now that artificial grass prices have come down significantly over the years. Golf enthusiasts have a number of options to explore here, and not only with regard to the artificial grass variety they select, but also regarding how they’re going to set up their home putting green – as a dedicated putting green or as part of a larger area that is used for other purposes in addition to putting practice.

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These are just a few ideas for using artificial grass and turf at home, and in addition to those discussed above, you might also like to consider using artificial grass between pavers and as garden paths, on balconies of all sizes and for children’s play areas, perhaps with a shock pad underlay to protect your children from injury.