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Gardening Gadgets That Will Cut Your Work Time In Half

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In the age of Wifi and iPad, gardening gadgets may seem like a thing of antiquity but not so for horticulture enthusiasts. To most, digging in the soil and watering plants and flowers may be a bore and chore, but gardening aficionados would jump at the chance of owning gardening gadgets that could make gardening easier and more fun.

The following gadgets and gizmos are designed to make gardening less painful, more productive, and even more fun:

Hula Hoe

This device is a back saver as it is designed to eliminate crawling which is often required to pull out those pesky weeds. The device is equipped with a razor sharp blade which skims underneath the surface to destroy the roots of the weed. This is a godsend for people with back and mobility issues.

Tractor Scoot

In gardening, you are required to bend, kneel, stand, crouch, and crawl, which will eventually cause pain in your body. You can avoid this with the Tractor Scoot. It is a completely adjustable stool that swivels. It may also be pulled along until you need to sit. This will prevent you from standing and or kneeling all day.

Coiling Hose

A hose is not a hose with this handy tool. This is considered the top gardening gadget to have because it will save you time and unwanted frustration. This is an auto-coiling hose with lots of range. Not is cleanup easier, but you do not have to run all over the yard manually coiling that pesky hose!

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Garden Bag

This handy tool will help you stay organized without having to run bag repeatedly to grab more necessary items. It has special pockets which can hold several tools. You no longer have to run around looking for those clippers or yell for someone to fetch you that weed digger! This is a well-designed bag, ideal for individuals who are forgetful (we all are).

Hori Hori

This is a multi-use tool that one must have in their gardening tool box. Made from high quality stainless steel, it is a wide blade that can be used for digging. The Hori Hori has one side with serrated edges which are great for cutting through roots. It can also be used while planting bulbs as a measurement device. The serrated portion has a ruler printed on it. To maximize the use of the Hori Hori, you can incorporate a knife, saw, and trowel.

Electric Leaf Shredder

What can you do with all those fallen leaves? Turn them into mulch. The electric leaf shredder is an electricity operated device that can turn eleven bags of fallen leaves into a bag of useful mulch. You can also add this to your compost. It is lightweight and much quieter than typical shredders. You can set it up within minutes and can easily store it in the garage.

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Gardening may never replace cell phones or television sets, but it is definitely a winner for nature enthusiasts, especially with all these nifty gardening tools at their disposal.