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Goodbye Old Tile: 5 Modern Kitchen Flooring Trends

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Are you hoping to refresh your kitchen floors? If they’re due for an upgrade, you can choose from vinyl to stone to get a more modern look. You’ll just want to consider what style and color scheme you’re hoping to achieve — as well as your budget.

Keep reading to learn about 5 modern kitchen flooring trends you should consider!

1. Try Natural Stone for a Softer Style

If you’re trying to achieve either a rustic or upscale look, natural stone can get the job done. Go with granite or marble for a polished look of luxury that will impress your guests. Just be prepared to pay a little more since stone tends to be a costlier flooring option.

With other types of stone, you can create a warmer and softer look. Brushed tiles in neutral tones and a matte finish are ideal for this purpose. And the natural uniqueness of each tile will warm up your kitchen.

2. Lighten Things with Laminate

With laminate, the options are endless. You can get laminate that looks like real wood for a fraction of the price of hardwood floors. Choose wide planks to go with the ultimate contemporary kitchen flooring trends.

Or go with textured styles or patterns, like a herringbone pattern. You can get this look through the installation process. Turn to CVM Enterprises Inc. for help with your installation or floor repair needs.

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3. Kitchen Flooring Trends Include Concrete

When you’re looking for the most modern kitchen flooring trends, try concrete. You’ll craft the perfect industrial vibe. And you can stain the concrete to push your style toward a warmer look — or one that’s ultra-modern.

Best of all, concrete is one of the cheaper options. And if you spill some food during Thanksgiving meal prep, it’s easy to clean up!

4. Vinyl Patterns Add a Dose of Fun

Turn to vinyl for kitchen floor tile trends. This durable option can simulate the look of wood for a cleaner style. But if you’re looking to create a retro 70s or 50s style, vinyl offers tons of options.

If your cabinets are plain white or wood, consider spicing up your look with some patterns. Chevrons or flower patterns will make your kitchen sparkle.

5. Hardwoods Are Always in Style

Hardwood floors always are a good kitchen flooring option. Oak, walnut, and bamboo are popular options. Darker finishes may hide dust and dirt, but lighter blonde styles are the current trends in kitchen flooring.

Paired with the right wall colors, hardwoods offer a timeless style. Know that hardwoods do wear down because of moisture and foot traffic. So you might need to refinish them to bring out their shine!

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Follow Current Trends in Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring trends may change from year to year, but you can’t go wrong with a choice that suits your cabinets and counters. Check out jazzy patterns for a splash of quirkiness. Or keep things cool with neutrals or polished concrete.

When you’re looking for more tips to help your home shine, check back for new articles.