Kitchen Appliances To Consider In A Modern Kitchen

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Kitchen Appliances To Consider In A Modern Kitchen

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Kitchen appliances have gotten to a place where they can make cooking, and everything related to it, easy for everybody. Technology is SMART and so are cooking appliances. That can only mean convenient and extensive options for all budgets and preferences. There are many types of kitchen gadgets that can help you around the kitchen. Some can help you prep food, others can help you cook it or store it for later. Or reheat it. For any kitchen task, there’s a kitchen appliance that can make your life easier.

Now, to make things easier for you, we decided to make a list of various kitchen appliances to consider for a modern kitchen. Whether you want to upgrade an old appliance or to purchase the latest gadget, you will surely find it on our list with useful info that can help you decide if it’s what you want or if you need it or not.


Let’s start with the basics that are not so basic anymore. These days, refrigerators can do so much more than storing your food. Aside from the fridge that can provide you with ice any time you want, that, let’s face it, you probably know about already, there new types of refrigerators that belong in your modern kitchen.

For example, did you know that your fridge can have a glass door? Yes, stainless steel fridges with glass doors are a thing. And they can make your life easier by allowing you to stare inside without opening the door. Is this useful? We all had those days when we opened the fridge door and just stared inside for minutes without having a clue what to eat. So yes, they are useful.

Then we have the 2 in 2 fridge – a two-doors appliance with the fridge on the left and the freezer on the right. This is convenient and perfect for those who love to prep their meals in advance or to shop in bulk and freeze ingredients.

Fridge with a control panel? Yes, that is also a thing and you can get it if you think your modern kitchen needs it.

And, of course, there are SMART refrigerators. Those that allow you to set the temperature with your phone or send you a notification if you left the door open. Temperature control alerts are also possible for some SMART refrigerators. It may not sound important but this feature is actually great since it lets you know if the fridge malfunctioned so you won’t have to through away food because you weren’t aware the temperature was not low enough to preserve it.

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Some refrigerators can be controlled through home devices like Alexa. So, if you’re too lazy to actually go to the fridge to change the temperature, you can use the voice control to do it.


It seems like toaster looked the same for too long. Nowadays, they are getting cooler and cooler. There are toaster with glass sides that allow you to see if your toast is done. No more burnt toast! Colorful toasters for modern kitchens that embrace colors, retro toasters for those who have a retro kitchen, toasters that can toast 4 slices of bread at the same time, and many other designs and styles for those who want to have appliances that match their kitchen décor.


Microwaves are pretty much the same since they were invented, however, these days you can find different designs and sizes including microwaves that fit into corner spaces. There’s not much else to say here since they work the same way as traditional microwaves, they just have a cool modern vibe.

The only SMART feature for microwaves is the voice control one that allows you to set the temperature and time for the microwave by using your voice instead of touching buttons.


If microwaves didn’t evolve that much, ovens certainly did! Aside from style and design, technology is definitely better these days. From Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control their functions and bake remotely through your smartphone to self-cleaning options that make cleaning up easy, there are numerous impressive ovens on the market.

You can preheat the oven from the distance, program different cooking temperatures, set different durations, and receive notifications when the food is ready. SMART ovens definitely make cooking easier and effective.

Sous Vide Water Oven

Bluetooth enabled sous vide water ovens make cooking easier and healthier. And the best part? You don’t have to be in the kitchen during the cooking process. What this type of oven does is cook your food at a low temperature, for longer than you would normally be able to, in a water bath or steam environment. This method of cooking retains moisture better and you don’t have to worry about overcooking.

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Steam Oven

Another modern device that helps you to eat healthy, the steam oven cooks food faster than a traditional oven. The oven has digital technology that estimates the time, shape, and size of the food and automatically adjusts cooking time and methods. You can use the steam oven for heating leftovers as well. They will turn up better than microwaved since this oven retains moisture far better.

Coffee Maker

Espresso machines and other types of coffee makers are SMART too. Aside from being able to make different types of coffee, modern coffee makers can be scheduled to make coffee at your desired time. You can wake up and enjoy a freshly made coffee without struggling to make it yourself. Good news for those who love coffee and hate mornings.

But this is not it! Some modern coffee makers can order capsules for you when you’re running out. They are connected to your Amazon account and, when you’re running low on coffee capsules, it places an order for you.

Other coffee makers can be turned on from a distance. With a simple app, you can start to brew your coffee and arrive home to a hot cup of coffee to enjoy. There are others that brew once you enter the house. They are Bluetooth enabled and they can start brewing coffee when you walk through the door.


Do the dishwashers have to be interesting to do the job? No! Old boring models can wash the dishes with ease and, after all, that’s all you want, right? Clean dishes with little to no effort! That’s right. But, if you want to upgrade your dishwasher, there are some modern ones to consider before settling for an old model. If you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen but you hate washing dishes, you can opt for a portable dishwasher that can be placed on the countertop.

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SMART dishwashers have some pretty handy features including the possibility to lock and unlock them from anywhere or turn them on from a distance. Some dishwashers have sensors that detect grime and other particles and are able to adjust the cleaning power to clean the dishes more efficiently. There are also alerts that let you know when the cycle is low or when the dishwasher is running low on detergent.

Air Fryer

Fried food was not considered healthy until recently. Well, it still isn’t. Not the traditional one anyway. But, with an air fryer, you can turn your favorite fried foods into healthy dishes. These kitchen appliances definitely belong in your modern kitchen if you like to eat low-fat foods but miss the taste of fries or your favorite fried chicken.


If you like dry fruits but you want to avoid the added sugar in those from the grocery store, you can make your own at home with a dehydrator.


Vitamix is more powerful than a blender and you can make smoothies, soups, sauces, sorbets, and sherbets with ease if you’re using it.

Slow Cooker

You probably know about this one. Actually, you probably have one too. But if you don’t you need it! It makes food juicier and tastier. Not to mention the cooking process is so easy – you just through the ingredients in and let the slow cooker work its magic. The gadget will cook food slowly while you go on with your day. When it’s done cooking, you can expect amazing flavors. From stews to soups, shredded chicken, vegetarian and vegan dishes, this appliance can do pretty much any type of dish better.

Instant Pot

Similar to the slow cooker but much faster, this appliance belongs in your modern kitchen because it successfully replaces 7 appliances including the slow cooker, the pressure cooker, the rice cooker, the steamer and tools you use for sautéing, the microwave, and the yogurt maker. You have different setting for each of these foods and using it makes cooking and reheating food easy.