The Main Types of Interior Doors for Your Home

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Swapping out your doors may seem like a trivial task. But considering how often people use doorways, you might want to browse that interior design catalog a little further.

That’s because you probably want to ensure satisfaction with the types of interior doors you chose. After all, they’re going to stick around for years after installation.

Even better, you might want to make a statement at every doorway.

Either way, it’s important to understand your options. Not only are different doors more practical for certain tasks, but some might look better for your home than others.

Keep reading to learn about the main types of interior doors. There are far more, but you’re bound to be happy with at least one of these in your home.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are typically the most affordable home interior doors. They’re also great for insulating a room. With that, they’re also the simplest in design, coming with almost no frills.

Though not ornate, flush doors can still look sleek and modern. They can also be stained or painted, allowing them to suit the aesthetic tastes of different homeowners

That’s because out of all other door designs, flush doors are specially designed for mobility and ease. They can blend in with the wall, become a hidden door, and even blend in with the wallpaper with the right finish!

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French Doors

The idea of French doors sounds premium, even to those unfamiliar with home improvement. That’s justifiable, considering how stunning and damage-resistant they are.

While many homeowners are intimidated by the prospect of paying for them, there are many French door designs to accommodate different budgets. French doors are usually used to lead residents to the property’s exterior.

That way, they get a grand entrance as they go out for some fresh air. They’re also not difficult to install, as these kinds of interior dors usually pre-hung in order to ease that difficulty.

Glass Doors

The other two types of doors we’ve mentioned are affordable for a majority of homeowners. But glass doors are heftier financial commitments. Nonetheless, it’s a commitment that many homeowners are happy to pay for.

Glass doors place boundaries between rooms without completely closing them off from each other. This can open up space and bring in light where there wouldn’t be otherwise. They’re also typically used in bathrooms or showers, which can easily modernize their look.

For these types of doors, it’s important to use good, durable materials. In fact, homeowners seeking materials even stronger than glass can look into acrylic, which offers the same look but with a much longer lifespan.

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Understand Which Types of Interior Doors Are Right for You!

When it comes to improving your home, you want to use the best options possible. After all, the types of interior doors you install will stick around for years to come. So if you’re interested in happy longevity, choose wisely — although you’d probably be happy incorporating a couple of the options above.

This guide is meant to help owners pick out their perfect interior door design. If it did, check out our other home improvement articles! We’ve got plenty of other information that can help your renovation plans.