What You Need to Know Before You Start Face Painting

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Origins of Face Paint There is an old saying that says “art comes from the artist”. This is not far from the truth, since artists have been decorating faces (and sometimes bodies) for centuries. The history of face paint can be traced right back to early native peoples of Australia and Africa, who used natural minerals found in clay to paint on their skins. During religious ceremonies, tribespeople would decorate their faces with clay, charcoal, and various other natural pigments from plants found in that part of the world. Their choice of colours would most likely depend on the readily available raw material available in that area, including blue eyes and red clay from fruits.

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In modern times, face paint has become a popular hobby and past time. It has even spread into Hollywood with movie stars sporting a face full of make up. It has given them a more natural look, and there are now whole face paintings and makeup techniques available. There are many people who like to change their appearance by splattering face paints all over, and you can create the same effect on your own.

What You Need For A Small Paint Table

If you do decide to go ahead and get your face painted, there are a few basic supplies that you will need. Some face painters use a palette in which they dip paint in, but many of us choose to use a small paint brush. Either way, you should always start with a clean surface. Paints and brushes are very easily contaminated and you could end up ruining a great work of art.

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Some of the face paint supplies that you may need including paint brushes, rollers, sponge, concealer, eyeshadow, palette knife, paint thinner, face masking tape, and latex gloves. You may also need something to apply the face paint to, such as gloss or matte paint. The type of paint you use depends on what effect you are trying to create. Oil-based paints are usually preferred for theatrical and video work, while water-based paints are good for home painting. If you choose the oil-based paint, then you will probably need acetone to clean up any mistakes.

Choosing the Right Colors For Body Painting

If you are going for a more realistic look, then it is best to choose dark colors for your face and body painting. The skin tones should all be dark, and you should avoid using lighter skin tones. You should use a lot of black for your face and clothes. If you choose blue for your body paint, then you may want to wear white shirts. There are also a wide range of face paints available for kids and adults, which you can purchase in bulk.

As with all home arts and crafts projects, face painting requires patience and practice. But you can find countless face paint ideas online to get you started. If you have never tried to do face painting yourself before, then you should definitely practice on paper before painting your face. You may also get some help from your friends or family members who may be able to provide you with some tips and tricks for face painting. You can also check out some face painters’ websites to get inspiration.