Lighting plays an integral part in interior design. It can create optical illusions, set the ambiance and even alter the shape of a room. There are various types of lighting, and combinations may be employed to achieve desired effects. Common options include downlights, uplighting, wall washing and sconces. Ambient Lighting Ambient lighting (also

Streamline Moderne, also referred to as Style Paquebot (Ocean Liner Style), was a design style popular during the 1930s-1950 that employed curvier shapes that suggested horizontal speed than Art Deco did. Streamline Moderne can often be seen in buildings associated with travel and movement such as airport terminals and roadside

Transitional interior design marries traditional elements with contemporary finishes, fabrics and textures for an overall aesthetically pleasing result that complements nearly every style of home. This decorating style incorporates modern art or large wall mirrors to add contrast with traditional furniture and flooring, creating the illusion of more openness and spaciousness

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