Making Your Home Pest Proof

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There is no homeowner out there that wants to deal with stinkbugs, cockroaches, mice, spiders and other pests. In most cases the solution is chemical control sprays. The problem is they will pollute home air and people can end up with so many health risks ranging from nervous system problems to cancer. What you should know is that these sprays are not actually necessary. Prevention is much better than dealing with pest infestations.

Remember that most of the pests will be controllable. There are different DIY control tricks that are really fast and that will do a great job for all homeowners that want to get rid of pests. Here is what you can do.

Use Sticky Traps

You just need 5 minutes to set up a high quality glue trap. It is effective at eliminating basically any pest that crawls, including silverfish, crickets, ants, stinkbugs, spiders and roaches.

Cleaning The Kitchen

All you need is around fifteen moments per day to wipe countertops with some vinegar, put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, mop up spills, sweep floors, empty garbage and put away the food. If it is grocery day, move food from those in a plastic back to a glass jar that is tightly sealed. When you do all this you will be able to eliminate pests that are drawn by food like ants, mice and roaches.

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Seal Entry Points

Mice and insects can use really small homes to enter the home. All that you really need is some silicone caulk. This is available in basically all hardware stores and can be used to seal up so many holes. Be extremely careful with door frames and windows. Then, seal round dryer vents and all places where pipes are leaving or entering homes. Move forward towards smaller holes.

Door Sweeps

This is quite a useful tool that will keep so many pests from entering a home. You also end up saving energy during winters. Door sweeps will gap all gaps between ground and door. It is really easy to find one at the local hardware store. Installation is simple for basically all homeowners. All you really need at times is adhesive strip. Similarly as with caulk, pests that will see your home as a brand new home will be kept out.

Vacuum The Home

It is close to impossible to seal up every single hole in your home. Weekly vacuuming helps you since it sucks up many of the crawling insects that manage to come inside. They will be trapped before they can be crushed or before they leave stains. Vacuuming allows you to eliminate the critters without having to kill them directly. This method is effective at removing all the crawling insects.

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Fix The Leaky Faucets

Many of the insects will require water to survive. The drippy faucet is the common source for that. You can so easily fix a faucet leak. At the same time, it is a great way to prevent some pests from entering your home.