4 Major Home Renovations to Overhaul Appearances

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If we’re honest, home renovations and major enhancements are often done both for practical purposes and to look better to others. Whether it’s keeping up with the Joneses, avoiding the neighbor’s critical observations, or just to satisfy aesthetically, there are often multiple motivations in competition. To settle the score, here are 4 major home renovations or enhancements to bring better visuals coupled with an improved lifestyle.

Do Something About the Driveway

The driveway is likely a remnant of the past owner’s choices and overuse. As a result, you may have been left with one that’s falling apart (and you hope no one notices). Of course, the pesky neighbor probably gripes about it bringing down the tone of the neighborhood, and it would be nice to stop all that nonsense. Getting a concrete driveway replacement is a worthwhile investment. It can last for many years, so it isn’t a regular repeating expense like some other home changes unwillingly become. The smoothness of the concrete finish avoids the potential to damage new sets of tires too. Maybe that’s not something that can be said of the current driveway? If so, that’s not great. But use that as motivation to replace it soon.

Add a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in your garden is a true luxury item. It’s not for everyone, but if you find that you don’t spend much time outside anyway, it might be a better use of your lawn than it sitting there unloved. There will be some maintenance involved in managing the pool; however, it will reduce the size of the lawn and cut down on the mowing needed every few weeks, so a bit of time is saved there.

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Making the Home Feel Light and Airy

The flow of the interior space from room to room is stilted when they’re too small, or they’re overstuffed with furniture and other belongings. To look at this properly, it’s time to take a step back and see how your home is arranged. Taking photos can help to see it from a different perspective. Uploading some of them on an interior design forum or on a home décor subreddit to solicit advice is another approach to get an outsider’s viewpoint too.

Knocking through a non-supporting wall can turn two smaller rooms into an open-plan space ready for a complete redesign. Alternatively, paring down the furniture can open up the space in another way.

That Delayed Kitchen Remodeling Project

A kitchen remodel is a major event which is why we call it a ‘project.’ It does create some inconveniences at home while it’s underway because it makes using the kitchen impossible for a few days, or highly inconvenient at a minimum. Approaching this with a “no pain, no gain” attitude is best.

Get all the household to give their buy-in to the kitchen remodel. Otherwise, there will be no end to complaining about how inconvenient it is. However, you’ll likely be delighted with the new kitchen afterward and anyone visiting will surely be impressed too. So, focus on the positives.

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When choosing major renovations with an eye to changing impressions, don’t go too small. Ensure they’re impactful and showy, otherwise they’ll barely get noticed.