The Benefits of Propane Gas: A Homeowner’s Guide

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Did you know that global propane consumption is over 195.3 million tonnes per year? As energy demands rise with an increased need for green fuels, propane is hot property. But do you know what it can do for your home?

If not, then you need to consider propane. Read on as we discuss the amazing benefits of propane gas.

It Is Produced Domestically

When you buy propane gas, it is almost certain to have been produced in the United States. Domestic propane is in abundance, and it probably has not even traveled that far to reach you. By using propane, you are supporting businesses at home.

It Is Eco Friendly

In the 1990 clean air act, propane was listed as a green fuel source. When compared to natural gas, it has less carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and gives off less greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to this, it is both non-toxic and is not poisonous. As a liquid or gas released into the atmosphere or local ecosystems, it will not cause any problems. This is why propane tanks are often installed underground.

Finally, local production means that you are cutting down the carbon footprint your fuel has made in traveling. This makes propane an all-around more environmentally friendly option.

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Propane Gas Is Reliable

When you have your own propane gas tank, you are not relying on energy supplies from a grid or provider. If a natural accident occurs where the electricity or gas supply gets cut off, you have no heat and power. With your own propane tank, that is not an issue.

All you have to do is make sure your propane tank is regularly well-stocked. Propane does expand in hot temperatures, so your tank will only ever fill to 80% capacity to allow for this.

Cost Saving

Propane is an extremely efficient fuel and can save you a lot of money compared to electricity and natural gas costs. For example, propane water heaters can create twice as much hot water as electric heaters do in the same amount of time.

It Is Convenient

A propane tank itself can last for up to 40 years. All you need to do is call a supplier to have it refilled. It arrives in a tank in liquid form, which is then converted to a gas.

Propane tanks can be used for many things other than fueling a home. They can be used for grilling, camping, and getting fuel to hard-to-reach places that would otherwise not have power.

Finally, it is readily available. There will be many propane gas companies in your local area, meaning you never have to wait long for delivery. Click here to hear more about finding a supplier.

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Making a Change

Now you know the benefits of propane gas, make the change. Speak to a local installer about fitting a tank and see how much you can save.

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more to help. From property to DIY, we can help you save money in the coming year.