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5 Ideas To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home Decor

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Whether you’re a nature lover or just want to infuse a uniquely attractive ambiance into your home decor, bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to enhance your indoor living environment. Many ways exist to include the natural world in your household decorating scheme. Following are five suggestions to inspire you in your quest to incorporate nature into your home.

Welcome the Sound of Water Into Your Home

Indoor fountains are an excellent way to bring nature’s entrancing music into your living space. Many homeowners find that these indoor fountains provide a soothing way to cover up the obnoxious city sounds of traffic and other human activity with the pleasant sounds of gentle waterfalls and streams. One of nature’s greatest assets is its ability to relax the observer. Nothing will make you feel like you are in the middle of the forest quicker than the sound of running water.

Indoor Fountain
By Brad Fults under CC BY 2.0

Grow Your Own Jungle

Most people don’t realize that the majority of common houseplants grow in the wild on the dark floors of tropical rain forest jungles. Add some of the best rangefinders and the corner of the home is complete. You can create the same type of lush ambiance indoors by keeping your houseplants healthy and green. Just don’t forget that these decorations are alive and therefore require extra care. Your plants will need sun and water, so if you are planning on leaving on vacation you may have to find someone to plants it.

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By F. D. Richards under CC BY-SA 2.0

Keep Fresh Flowers in Every Room

Keeping at least one vase full of blooming flowers is an excellent way to bring the jewels of the outdoors into your home. Florist shop offerings aren’t just roses, orchids and lilies anymore; you can also find meadow wildflowers and old-fashioned cottage garden blossoms in most modern florists’ cases. Artificial flowers can offer some of the same lovely benefits, without the downside of needing to be regularly replaced.

flowers at home
By Rangga Rr under CC BY 2.0

Create a Woodland Atmosphere With a Whimsical Artificial Tree

Artificial trees can be used singly or in groups for an enchanting indoor woodland effect. Unlike real trees, Artificial trees require little maintenance to always look their best and can be used in a number of imaginative ways. They can be decorated to reflect seasonal themes or left plain for that forest look. Many of these are so realistic looking that they are difficult to tell apart from the real thing. An elegant way to enhance their natural look is to string them with small twinkling lights.

Bonsai Tree
By Dyogi under CC BY 2.0

Hang Outdoor-Themed Fine Art On Your Walls

When selecting wall art, choosing paintings and prints that depict scenes from nature is a great way to honor nature in your home. Pastoral scenes or vibrant floral medleys are popular subjects for paintings, and photographs of wildlife are old favorites of nature lovers everywhere. Sculpture with a natural theme is another effective way to let the outdoors in.

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There are many ways to use nature as an inspiration for interior decorating. Many people choose to feature nature-themed decor in their offices as well as in their homes.