Design your dream home effectively – Few guidelines to help you

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Buying a home definitely happens to be one of the greatest decisions that you’d need to take, but an even bigger decision on your part would probably bebuilding your own home. When you’re essentially building your home, then amongst everything else there’s also the concern of designing your future abode. This can prove to be tough at times especially since putting together a home design that reflects your taste while fitting into your budget plan does require a bit of efficient planning.


Few guidelines you can follow when designing your home

Here are a few guidelines that have been discussed below which you can stick to if you’re really inclined on putting together a design for your home that’s going to work.


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By Steve Bennett under CC BY-ND 2.0

1.    Get your design homework done 

The very first thing you’re required to do is decide what would be the type of home you’d like to build. There are varied house styles available today and you literally get a banquet of ideas from which you can borrow. You need to narrow down on the features that actually catches your eye and try making sketches accordingly. You should assimilate and keep all these ideas together in a file. You can then decide which would fit better into your design plan and act accordingly.

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2.    Compile your own home design list 

The next thing you should do is compile your own home design list. This is essentially a list of criteria and for this you can start with the basics like say the number of bedrooms or the number of bathrooms, how big would be the family area, etc. Once you’re through with your basic list, then you can move on to the individual rooms and intricate designs for that matter.

3.    You should always check local zoning laws 

In your attempt to create the perfect design for your home, make sure you don’t forget to take into consideration the local zoning laws. This is essentially because the zoning laws can practically affect everything right from the framing of your house to the yard fencing for that matter. You can save yourself a lot of headache if you first check with the zoning laws of your community.

4.    Keep a tab on your budget 

Even while designing you should take care to keep a tab on your budget. You should create a separate budget list and then compare between the 2 to see how each can be adjusted to fit. This might prove extremely difficult initially, but ultimately if you keep trying, then you should be able to have your favorite designs within your budget.

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5.    Always take care to maximize space efficiency

The idea is to map out a floor plan such that there’s a logical flow to your home’s design. This can be done in quite a few ways like by building direct access to your kitchen from the garage. You can also reduce the pipe distance by designing all your plumbing in one general area.

Keep in mind the above advice and then you should be able to design your house effectively enough while sticking to your budget.

By David Parker