5 Steps To Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For Any Storm

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Any time the weather service predicts severe weather, each homeowner should have a preparatory plan. Though many structures are now designed to specifications to withstand certain forces, man is constantly reminded by acts of God how inferior his inventions are. There are a few steps that can offer the owner peace of mind that he has done everything within his power to make ready.


Securing Windows and Other Types of Entrances


Wind and water tend to find their way inside of a building. Therefore it is important to be sure all openings are tightly closed. During a major wind event, boarding windows with plywood can prevent shattering and breakage from flying debris. A smaller event may warrant taping windows with masking tape to prevent flying glass.

securing the windows
By Peter Galvin under CC BY 2.0


Flooding and Water Damage Preparation

Water is a force that man cannot contain. Proximity to a body of water most likely will increase the possibility of flood related issues, but leaks in a building make the possibility of interior local flooding a reality. Keeping drains clean is also very crucial to be sure that water drains properly. Drain cleaning is especially vital because of the rapid flow that is possible. If the water does not dissipate quickly, the issues are only heightened.

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Survival Supplies

Every home or business should be prepared for the temporary loss of power. Flash lights and spare batteries, water bottles, first aid kits, and a battery-powered radio are a few of the basic items that should be included. Because weather events often act contrarily to man’s expectations, having these items on hand can help avoid tragic situations.

Meeting Place

Another wise plan is to prearrange a specific location to gather everyone together when a storm is coming. Every storm brings a different amount of preparation time, so it is best to know what to do when something arises quickly. Choose a location that is out of danger such as an interior room on the lowest level of a building or in a basement. The centralized locale will offer more safety as well as the opportunity to account for all the individuals that are present.

Evacuation Plan

In some instances, evacuation may be necessary. Know the best route not only to leave the building but also to leave the area. The local authorities and the weather service will provide the information needed to make this decision when the time arrives.


The most important thing to realize about storm preparation is that only so much can be done. Wisely listen to local instructions, prepare as much as you can, and stay in contact with family and friends. Trouble cannot always be totally avoided. Storms often act unpredictably, so you should prepare for each scenario with the same purpose and intensity. Life is far more important than possessions, so it is imperative to prepare oneself to avoid harm.