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Shabby Chic Interior Design Overview

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Shabby chic is an interesting interior design type that sees furnishings and furniture chosen because of age and wear appearance while new items can actually be distressed so that an antique appearance can be achieved. In many situations we are faced with a really opulent, cottage-style, soft décor that has an affected feeling being emphasized, creating a differentiation from the genuine period décor that is replicated.

Shabby Chic Interior Design Description

Shabby Chic Interior Design 2

The shabby chic interior design items are normally heavily painted with various layers as years pass, showing many time-worn areas. This is a style that is limited with the use of faux paintings and glaze. Alternatively, we see painting and then rubbing or sanding top coating in order to highlight base coats and wood coats. This is what distressing furniture finishing means.

The furniture pieces that do not appear as genuine antique items will normally be selected only for old furniture style resemblance. Reproduction furniture is possible with finish that is distressed. Furniture appliqués that are elaborate and that depict swags, garlands, flowers and cherubs, among other motifs are preferred.

Preferred fabrics used tend to be linens and cottons. Linen is really popular since it was highly popular in the strong French influential design period. The colors that are favorite include pure whites, work pastel, bleached pastel and ecrus. The fabrics will usually be stained by using tea so that old fabric look is gained. Faded and bleached items will be common.

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Shabby chic interior design will normally use various antique pieces like jelly cupboards and pie safes. Obviously, the most common color chosen is white, but, there are also other neutral colors that are popular like beige tones, rose pink and sky blue.

What is interesting is that this shabby chic approach can also expand to gardens, with similar design principles being used, using feminine accessories and timeworn garden furniture. You will most likely notice that rose gardens in a shabby chic décor style are quite attractive.

Shabby Chic Interior Design History

Shabby Chic Interior Design

This interesting and rare interior design style appeared in Great Britain. It is a decoration type that was normally found in the large country houses that had faded and worn old curtains, paintwork, sofas and much more. Shabby chic basically tries to achieve an overall effect that is elegant, one different than the cute Pop-Victorian option.

A huge part of this interior design trend was always recycling older furniture. That was really popular during the eighties due to the fact that quality décor was really expensive. Original shabby chic interior designs were basically complete works of art at that point in time.

Early shabby chic interior design forms were really grand but style did evolve a lot, constantly adapting and taking inspiration from various decoration forms.