5 Types of Chairs For a Stylish Home


5 Types of Chairs For a Stylish Home

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If you want to make a list of must have furniture for a house, chairs will be on that list alongside beds and sofas. We need them in our offices, our kitchens and our living rooms. But despite their functionality, chairs can also be the focal point of your room.

There are many types of accent chairs that can add style to a simple room. Before deciding what chair will fit your house’s needs, take a look at our list. The chairs we included are not only great for adding style to your house, they are also very comfortable.

Slipper Chairs

slipper chairs

Initially introduced in the décor scene in the 18th century, these chairs were used as seats for the ladies bedroom. Compared to their ancestors, modern slipper chairs are minimalistic and simply decorated. Slipper Chairs are armless and they have short legs but they are also pretty comfortable and cozy. They can be useful in the bedroom or in the living room next to a coffee table, but they also compliment well a reading corner.

Club Chairs

club chairs

These chairs are usually made of leather and they have a more masculine feel. They are very comfortable and they sit well next to your sofa, in the living room. We are living in an era where vintage or old design furniture is reinvented with a modern touch. If you are not a fan of black or brown leather, but you love the comfort provided by club chairs, you will most definitely find various fabrics and colors to suit your taste.

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Wingback Chairs

wingback chairs

Since we were talking about comfort and chairs that reinvent the notion, let’s stay with this concept a little bit longer and talk about the wingback chair. This type of chair is easy to recognize by the winged sides and its size. If you really want to feel comfortable while you are reading next to your fireplace, you need this chair in your living room! It also ads a touch of elegance to a simple room since its design resemblance a throne.

Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue

If you enjoy the comfort of a chaise longue at the beach, you will most certainly enjoy it in your own house as well. These chair are actually a mix between a sofa and a chair and they are as comfortable as a chair can get. You can keep you décor classic with a vintage model or you can add a modern vibe with bright colors and modern designs. No matter what you choose, your living room will be cozier in an instant with this type of chair.

Dining Chairs

dining chairs

When it comes to dining chairs, the most important thing is the height. In order to have comfortable dining chairs their height should match the height of the table. Classical dining chairs fulfill their purpose but they are not the best choice if you want to enjoy long, cozy meals with your friends or family. Modern dining chairs are far more comfortable and chic and they can be easily matched with the room décor.