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7 Amazing Types of Ceiling Lights You’ll Adore

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One of the most important components of interior decorating is ceiling lights. Installing the wrong types of ceiling lights can ruin the decorative flow of a particular space.

There’s also the matter of some types of lighting simply being ill-suited for certain locations or tasks. You probably wouldn’t want to cook by accent lights, for example.

The question, then, is what the right lights to use are? How do you know what kind of illumination to use in what space?

Ideally, you would combine task, ambient, and accent lights. Combining these lights can create a proper balance that adds to the decor and allows you to work.

If you’re looking to create this three-way balance, consider the various lights we will discuss down below. We’ve put together a list of seven lighting options that combine beauty and pragmatism.

1) Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are the amazing trifecta of ambient, task, and accent lighting. The kind of light they provide depends on where you put them, but they can accomplish all three easily.

Because recessed lights are fitted into the base of your ceiling, they’re good for areas with low clearance. Small areas and sloped ceilings are also great homes for recessed lights.

All installing recess lights require is well-insulated six additional inches of space above your ceiling.

Recess lights are generally non-intrusive. However, there are different frame options for you to choose from if you’d like to punch up your ceiling decor a little:

  • Open – offers brighter lighting for open areas
  • Decorative – ornate and comes in a variety of styles
  • Pinhole – have thicker trim that focuses light
  • Adjustable – has a movable fixture to focus on specific areas
  • Baffle – has a ribbed interior to soften glaring from the light
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You can choose one type of fixture or a combination of multiple to accomplish your lighting needs. Recess lights are arguably the most multifunctional type of lighting there is.

2) Ceiling Fans

The nice thing about ceiling fans is that they serve two purposes. Ceiling fans offer light and can help heat and cool your home during the winter and summer months.

It would be best if you kept in mind a few things when installing ceiling fans, though. The first thing to remember is the size of your room. Some fan blades may be too large to fit or too small to circulate air properly.

Some fans hang lower than others, and you should consider whether or not the fan has a speed-changing feature. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is if your ceiling even makes it possible for you to hand a fan.

Hanging a fan is a possible DIY project, but only advisable if you already have the means and skill to do so. For many people, ceiling fan installation is something best handled by professionals.

There are three fan mounts – downrod, angled, and flush. Downrod mounts are best suited for high ceilings, and angled mounts are made to sit against slanted ceilings. Flush mounts work best against low ceilings.

3) Pendant Lights

Pendants are most often used for task lighting and are popular for kitchens. Island and sinks are perfect choices to hang pendant lights as they’re two places that need focused light.

One thing to watch out for with pendant lighting is their length. You can purchase mini pendants for smaller rooms with lower ceilings, but these lights are very noticeable and may get in the way if they’re too low.

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4) Inverted Pendants

You can have ambient pendant lights if you buy ones with shades facing up. Inverted pendants provide softer light that softly illuminates entire rooms.

Inverted pendants are also a good pick for kitchen islands.  As a quick aside, what you intend to do with the island determines what kind of pendant lighting you should buy.

If the island is for food prep, opt for regular pendants. The inverted pendants may work best if the island is for socialization.

Inverted pendants work well in locations like living rooms and bedrooms also. Places where people congregate and spend most of their time.

Ambient light offers enough illumination to see by, but not so much that it’s too harsh on the eye. Softer light can also create the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is.

5) Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the perfect go-to light if you want to make a big statement while providing plenty of ambient light for your area. Chandeliers emit plenty of light from their multiple branches and make rooms look classy.

That said, there are many kinds of chandeliers, and you have to choose the one that works with your general decor. If it doesn’t fit with the design scheme, the chandelier may look tacky and out of place.

You also have to take into account the length of your ceiling and the chandelier. A chandelier that hangs too low will look too large, and one hung too high may appear too small in an area.

6) Flush Mount Fixtures

Flush mount fixtures are great for people looking for more minimalist lighting. Flush mounts lie right against the ceiling, which is where they get their name. The dreaded “boob light” is a flush mount fixture.

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Flush lighting is better for rooms with ceilings under eight feet. Due to the minimalist aesthetic, areas with higher ceilings often look empty with flush lighting.

You can have flush mounts installed in various sizes from 12 to 24 inches wide. They do a fantastic job of directing light downward without focussing too much on a specific target.

Flush mounts are an excellent fit for children’s rooms. The ceiling-hugging design helps avoid accidents during mishaps with younger kids jumping on beds or hurling things at the ceiling.

7) Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

Semi-flush mount lighting isn’t too different from flush mounts. The significant difference is that semi-flush mounts hang ever so slightly from the ceiling.

Semi-flush lights provide ambient lighting like their flush counterparts but with a more decorative flair. Semi-flush lights are a good substitute for chandeliers in smaller rooms with lower ceilings.

They function a lot like chandeliers also. Semi-flush mounts can focus light upward and down to make rooms appear taller and broader than they are.

Know The Different Types Of Ceiling Lights

There are seven types of ceiling lights for you to choose to install throughout your home. You must understand the best place for each of these lights if you want your home decor to look good and be functional.

Hopefully, this list of ceiling lights helped you choose the best ones for your needs. If you want to know more about interior design or home renovation, check out our blog.