Enjoy the Convenience of Different Types of Fireplaces

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There are different types of fireplaces available in the market and you can choose based on your preference:


Wood Types of Fireplaces:

There was a time when the most suitable material for the mantel and fireplace was considered to be marble and stone. But, wood fireplace has the texture that can enhance the beauty of the home and you can also get the warmth that you exactly want. The wood types of fireplaces are available in varieties of design that ranges from modern to rural and can give an exotic and modern look to your home. Presently, you will find the multi-view wood fireplace, wood fireplace that comes with unique surroundings and mantels.


Gas Fireplace:

It is the outstanding option in comparison to wood burning fireplace. You can get the warmth as well as the comfort of the fire without the fear of splitting or stacking wood. They do not demand for any maintenance and that is why people love to buy them. Gas fireplace has become increasingly popular in the present market.


types of fireplaces with gas
By Kai Hendry under CC BY 2.0


StoneTypes of Fireplaces:

This type of fireplace also offers the traditional look to the customers. The stone fireplace looks gigantic as they contain a large stone and the chimney reaches up to the room ceiling. In the older design of stone fireplace you would not find the doors, but they offer the screens which enable you to see the fire. The natural texture and the color absolutely suit the room. There are newer as well as older homes that have the stone fireplace. The stone has the ability to fit into any kind of fashion and are highly decorative.

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fireplace of stones
By ACM Design Architects under CC BY 2.0


Cast Iron Fireplace:

There are many homes that come up with small rooms and do not have much place in the fireplace and so it is clever to install the cast iron fireplaces. It has the advantage of offering a smokeless fuel fire that is very much apt for the interior. Cast iron and stoves are the most preferred choice for people who have small area.


Cast Iron Fireplace
By Dominic Alves under CC BY 2.0

Bespoke fireplaces:

The Bespoke types of fireplaces have the ability to add a great feature to the living room. There are numerous manufacturers available and you can make your choice accordingly. There is a wide array of designs that can ensure the best quality of the system. It is important for the people living in the colder place to have the fireplace and impress it with the attractive and stunning design and look. There are different type of bespoke fireplaces available. You are no longer limited to an open flame gas, bioethanol fire or wood.

It is important on your part to be aware that the bespoke appliance with being costly compared to a standard model. The bespoke fire is considered to be highly efficient and you can get the various advantages through it. The bespoke design will demand a specialist and it is necessary to add a fan. Bespoke fireplace has the ability to improve the look and the décor of the home. Your installation charges will also be a bit more compared to any other fireplace as it is highly complicated.