9 Decorating Tips For Small Apartments

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A small apartment can be hard to decorate, but living in a place with no personality is even harder. The best way to transform a small apartment into a nice home is to learn how to create optical illusions that will make the space appear to be larger than it is. Besides this, combining décor with functionality will also allow you to live in a great decorated space, without having to give up to some of your favorite things.

Lighten Up The Space

White or light-colored walls, beige or neutral shades for the furniture and even a beige rug will give more depth to a small room and it will make it appear larger.

Glass Accents

Glass tables create the illusion of more space and it allows you to have the openness needed to avoid the claustrophobic feeling some small apartments can make you experience. See-through acrylic tables can also be an option if you don’t like glass tables.

Multifunctional Beds

The sleeping area can be a great place for storing some of your things if you choose a wall folding bed or bed that has a storage area underneath it.

Big Mirrors, Larger Space

One common trick interior designers use when decorating small apartments is hanging a large mirror on the opposite wall of windows. This simple technique will make the space feel lighter and brighter.

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Brighten The Space With Lights

Besides their functionality and the fact that lights help creating the feeling of a warm, cozy place, using lamps or other light fixtures make a room more spacious so never say no to lighting devices, fixtures or lamps!

Floating Shelves

Another simple and common trick used by all interior designers in small apartments is using floating shelves instead of regular shelves that occupy a lot of space on the floor. Storing things vertically instead of horizontally is a great way to make room for all the decorative objects, books and things you want to display in your apartment.


When you have a small apartment you have to decide what is important for you and what is not. If having a dining area is something you can live without, but you really need an office space, make that happen.  For others having a living room is very important but, if they live in a small studio apartment, that can be impossible without making some adjustments like having a wall folding bed instead of a regular bed, for example. Make the space work for you and forget the classic way to arrange an apartment!

Use The Entire Space

You know that corner where you have no furniture? How about transforming it into a place for relaxation? If you live in a studio apartment and you prefer having a real bedroom then you can replace the classical living room couch with an accent chair, perfect for reading and other activities. The floating shelves will come in handy again if you want to have your books close, but don’t have the necessary space for a bookcase.

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Scale Down

While large furniture can provide a lot of comfort, a small apartment will be suffocating if the furniture is bulky. Go for smaller objects that can fit in narrow places.