Add Texture to Your Home to Make It Enticing and Adorable

Color and pattern are first two things that come into mind when you think of renovating and sprucing up your home. However, there is a third and extremely elegant element as well which people normally ignore that is adding some texture to your home. Patterns and colors are no doubt appeasing but it is actually texture that stimulates or soothes the sense of touch and pleasure. There is a plethora of options available in order for you to add some texture to your home but you should choose only those that complement rest of your house perfectly and satisfy your aesthetics.

Tips To Add Texture to Your Home:

Following lines contain 8 elements to consider while thinking of creating a bit of drama in your home by bringing in some texture.


canvas print on wall
By Andrew Magill under CC BY 2.0


Decorate through Wallpaper and Canvas Prints:

The fibers of grasscloth are really garnering special popularity among people for decorating their homes in style. The grasscloth can be woven into modern and delectable wallpapers that can bring desired texture to the walls of your home. Furthermore, they are available in all natural and artificial colors allowing you to dress up the walls according to your own taste. Similarly, another great method to embellish the home walls is to hang personalized photo printing on canvas that will not only make the room more enticing but you will also feel a bit more at home with the your new looking room.

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Fur of Fluff:

People are easily drawn towards texture brought in the home by woolen or furry animal friends. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you to include this factor in your decoration in the shape of fluffed pillows, pouf, blankets or flokati wool rug.


Paneled Accent Wall
By MyWallArt under CC BY 2.0


A Paneled Accent Wall:

Nothing can surpass the grain and texture offered by the wood that is always warm and captivating as well as inviting. You can create a sensational ambiance in your home just by leaving your accent walls in their natural state or by painting them in dark colors. In this case, you can add to the beauty of your walls by hanging fascinating pieces of arts such as photo on canvas prints.

Shells and Beach Finds:

It is always a sensational thing to feel the sand underfoot and to hear the pleasing sounds of ocean waves from the day spent at the beach. You can bring the same feelings inside your home by embellishing your walls and cabinets with beach shells, corals or even sand in closed glass containers. This will not only make your home extra enticing but will also remind you about the serene moments.

Worn Wood Furniture:

When expert define inviting and attractive texture, they talk about worn, rustic, imperfect and weathered wood. Worn wooden furniture is back in action these days and is visible from fixtures to furnishings. Although many retailers are offering these stunning pieces these days yet you can consider a DIY project with wood reclaimed from a salvaged yard. Furthermore, you can also order a local artisan to craft a unique piece for you. You can complement the looks created by the worn out furniture with a beautiful piece of art such as a canvas art hanging on the wall as well.

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Woven Trays and Baskets:

An organized home is always the beautiful home and therefore, you can use a myriad of affordable woven baskets in pairs to corral necessities of life. For instance, a thick and elegantly woven basket will definitely warm up a bathroom that is tiled, for example, in cool gray marble. On the other hand, a dark basket will make a pleasing and welcoming contrast with lighter walls.

Branches in Indoors:

Using branch clippings inside your home is the cheapest and easiest way to add some texture to your home. In this regard, you can make a dramatic statement with a fresh curly willow as well as with grapevine and sculptural Manzanita.

Living Plants:

Trees planted indoors will bring natural texture to your home with leaves that differ based on the variety, from spiky to soft. You just need to purchase plants that can thrive indoors and they will bring organic feelings inside your home.


A space becomes more interesting and alluring if it is textured by several different things. Therefore, you need to use multiple textures, layer them and use as many as you want to create a spectacularly beautiful interior.