American Contemporary Interior Design Style


American Contemporary Interior Design Style

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Americans take pride in how they build and decorate their homes because they have a certain touch when it comes to colors, fabrics and even pieces of furniture. The American contemporary style has evolved considerably from the traditional ways, but there are certain elements that have remained untouched. Here are some ideas on how to give the American touch to your interior design.

Choose Bold Colors

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One of the most characteristic features that a modern American home has is a bold color. This doesn’t mean that you should splash a single color on the wall. The idea here is to use a collision of strong colors in order to make a powerful contrast. Additionally, modern American styles focus on pieces of furniture with powerful colors as well. Experts talk about taking a staid piece of furniture and adding an unusual finishing touch on it so that it appears to be bold and yet elegant. This is considered to be an emblem for the American style.

The Rustic Touch

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Americans have a weakness for the nature that surrounds them and that’s how the rustic style was born. The central element of this particular style is wood, in various styles, shapes and even fabrics. The most famous types of wood used in creating the furniture and the décor are red cedar, bald cypress and white pine timber woods. Furthermore, there are certain elements that are mandatory when it comes to the rustic style, such as, earth toned colors, leather upholstery, punched tin and even homey quilts and even other items that can be found in the outdoors. Usually, people use hunting or fishing motifs in order to decorate their homes according to this particular style. Lastly, a fireplace is mandatory in order to complete the scenery and make the perfect setting.

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What To Do With The Lights?

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Believe it or not, the light setting needs to be one of your top priorities when setting up your home in a modern American way. Light can influence anything in a room, it can make things brighter or darker, it can highlight a certain area or even create a certain mood or atmosphere. Lighting also defines a style and also it brings forth certain architectural details that might catch the attention of the viewer. One piece of advice here is to choose LED lights over the traditional ones. Their lifespan is a lot longer than a regular light bulb and the amount of heat that is generated from the LED bulbs is considerably low. This will be visible on your electrical bill.

To summarize, building up a modern American style is not that hard, especially if you have a taste for sophisticated and yet simple items and features around the house. Decorating your home in this particular way, won’t be so expensive if you do a little research ahead, you can estimate the expenses on this matter and plan your budget accordingly. It’s time to be bold and choose to make your home as personal and as American as possible.