Big changes in your small apartment

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room

Giving a new look to your home can be an exciting job for everyone. The decoration of a small apartment is often challenging and trickier because you have to cover all your requirements within the limited space. Things can be transformed according to your requirement with just a few noticeable changes. The limited space is a major issue which you cannot overlook but have to overcome while decorating small apartment. This issue is manageable quite easily with right furniture and color selection.

Following are some of the ideas which can give your space an exciting yet spacious look.


How to deal with the bedroom?


leather bed
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Start with your personal corner which is your bedroom. Most of the people overlook their bedrooms while renovating or refurbishing their home but I must say that this is the place which is the most important one because you spend one third portion of your life in sleeping and which is often in your bedroom. The first thing that you need to do is change the wall paint of your room. It should be any of the soft and neutral color with no textured surface. The plain creamy white walls will be perfect for a small bedroom. The second thing is the placement and selection of bed. If you are interested in modish décor then I will suggest you to opt for a faux leather bed in natural brown color. The size should be medium because the king size leather beds are quite a lot heavy which will give an odd look in your small room. Move on to its adornment, a couple of wall hangings framed in a gold mounted frame will be perfect for your room. Apart from all of the above mentioned details you do not need to place any extra item.

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How to deal with the living room?


small living room
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Now it’s time to deal with the living room. This is a social area of your home which is often designed to serve your guests and spend time with your family for chit chat. In small apartment the living rooms are often limited in space but they can be handled by selecting light colors like a lightest shade of orange in combination with creamy white this will not only beautify your living room but will also create a co ordination with your bedroom décor.

The placement of one sofa bed and a wall fixed book rack along with a chest as a center table will be sufficient for your living room. By maximizing storage space you can keep your room organized and clutter free.


How to deal with the kitchen?


By A&A Design Build Remodeling
By A&A Design Build Remodeling


At the end of my post I will describe a few tips about the kitchen décor. If your kitchen is designed in an exposed style then you can opt for the same colors which you have selected for your living room for a sleek touch. Moreover the kitchen should be properly organized so that it won’t bring a cluttered or messed up feel. Use hocks fixed against the wall for organizing most of the items.