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Brass Plumbing Fittings – Benefits Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

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There are various different plumbing fittings that can be used these days. Every single one has its own advantages, which is why you may want to know more about brass plumbing fittings. This is an option that is highly popular, being an alloy made out of zinc and copper.

Brass fittings have been utilized in plumbing for a really long time, in both regular homes and in industrial settings. Their efficiency is really high and the water delivery system will become better.

The main advantages of using brass plumbing fittings are listed below.


Brass stands out as a material that is highly durable. This is why it is really good for plumbing, which needs long serving and resilient materials. After it is installed, the fitting is going to retain proper condition for numerous years ahead. Brass plumbing fittings will not easily disintegrate or crack. If used for the distribution of hot water, brass lasts for a longer period of time than all other metals. You can also use brass to mix metals in interior design and obtain a wonderful appearance. Home value is increased because of high durability and resilience.

Withstanding Really High Temperatures

Out of all metals you could use, brass fittings are simply wonderful for the distribution of hot water. They have really high conductivity that promotes an efficient hot water distribution efficiency. These are well-known for the high ductility noticed in higher temperature settings. The brass fittings are highly fire resistant. In many cases, these are actually some of the few items that are saved when a home is destroyed by fire.

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When compared to iron and steel, brass has a higher malleability. You can easily shape it, bold it or bend it. It is really easy to use to undertake different plumbing projects. The installation costs of brass plumbing fittings are lower due to the ease of use as the plumber does work. Even maintenance work is easier as the material is flexible, all without losing durability.


Brass plumbing fittings showcase a high versatility. You can get brass fittings of practically all desired widths, shapes and sizes. You can use them to alter pipe size and end up meeting even the most precise plumbing project specifications.

Brass will enhance water deliver systems. In the event that brass plumbing fittings are sometimes exposed in a home, it becomes beneficial. There are various decorative finishes that offer plumbing fittings display. Brass fittings can be obtained with finishes that are nickel, antique, plated, polished or lacquered.

Corrosive Resistance

Brass manages to have a really high corrosion resistance, much higher than the other metal fittings. People that live in areas with water that has really high corrosive properties will enjoy non-corrosive brass fittings quality. Brass fittings are not going to rust. Rust and corrosion are the 2 main agents that are causing metal fittings wear and tear. Brass fittings are thus perfect for corrosion beating.