What are Some of the Best Ways to Update the Look of Your Home?

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If you love your home but feel that its design is a bit dated, the good news is that updating its look is probably easier than you expect. To help you get inspired, here are five popular trends in the world of interior design and decoration this year:


Increasingly Masculine Designs

Tacky or even downright bad design is one of the stereotypes most commonly associated with bachelor pads. While the average single guy may not have much of a knack for interior design, that doesn’t mean there is no place for masculinity in decorating.

A recent and growing trend in interior design is to incorporate more masculine elements into shared spaces. Examples of this shift include an emphasis on functional furniture and more subtle color choices. For any items or rooms that a couple just can’t agree on, there’s nothing wrong with the man of the house moving large utility items like generators to the garage and using the rest of the space to create his own man cave.


Engaging Textures

Decorating a room isn’t just about how it looks. It’s also about deciding how the room should feel. Thanks to homeowners’ desire to create spaces that are both comfortable and unique, more people than ever are using their sense of touch to select new pieces to furnish their home. Stucco plaster textures, velvety wallpapers, and polished hardwoods are making a comeback in everyday homes.

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Lots of Stripes

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a space is to add brightly colored stripes. Although the thought of an orange stripe across a wall may seem like a bit much, when it’s balanced with brown and light blue stripes, it can actually be very lively without completely overpowering a room. To achieve this effect, carefully measure your wall, then use painters’ tape to block off sections for a painted stripe. Do this as many times as you want stripes! There are also some stripe decal sets available for more temporary solutions.


A Specific Type of Floral Pattern

Floral patterns aren’t a new concept or design trend. However, what is new is the type of floral pattern that’s now being used in a wide range of settings. This pattern features any type of floral design set against a white background. What makes this style of floral pattern unique is its ability to be used in almost any setting. Additionally, thanks to the strong contrast it creates, it can work very well as a room’s focal point. Go floral!


Writing on the Wall

No, this trend doesn’t refer to some type of foreshadowing. It literally means putting decorative words or phrases on walls. Some people even opt to add these words to one of their ceilings. Although this type of decorative element can be painted on a wall, decals are the most popular choice. Since the decals don’t leave any type of residue, they’re a great option for someone who wants to decorate their apartment without damaging the walls.

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Author: Aaron Walker is a thirtysomething blogger who enjoys writing about design and home life. He is obsessed with gadgetry and hopes to someday own every Apple product under the sun.