Have A White Christmas Wherever You Are: 5 Decorating Tips

christmas decoration

Christmas time is one of the most celebrated occasions ever, and people look forward to it coming year after year. To welcome this happy time and to welcome guests in your home, it is important to make sure your home is looking festive. During this time of year, people make sure their homes are spotlessly clean. Decorating your home during this time is important. There are all kinds of accessories and items you can use for decorating your home such as Christmas wreaths, flowers, Christmas ribbon, green and white Xmas trees, flocked Xmas trees and much more.


The Christmas Tree

The biggest role of the Christmas decorations is played by the Christmas tree itself. A new trend seen often today is an upside down Christmas tree. This involves nailing the tree upside down to the ceiling. Those who choose a regular Christmas tree decorate them in unique ways. Some people use a white Xmas tree and decorate it with beautiful colors. Other people choose flocked Xmas trees with a variety of snow colored branches. Instead of using traditional balls on the tree, multicolored ribbons can be used. To have a unique tree, non-traditional colors can offer a lot of uniqueness to the tree.

Christmas Tree
By Lotus Head via Wikimedia Commons


Tree Topper

Be different with your tree topper. Instead of the same angel or star on top, why not try a colorful floral bouquet, teddy bear, or a decorative doll. What about a group of pine cones, nuts or fruits, animals and birds or a natural looking plant?

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Hanging Ornaments

Another recent trend in decorating for Christmas is hanging your ornaments on the tree with ribbon instead of hooks or string. Find some ribbon with a glitter or gloss that sparkle when the Christmas tree lights shine on them.


Ribbons and Bows

Use plenty of festive and colorful ribbons for tying around your doorknobs. For your door frames, windows and mirrors, add a touch of additional garland for extra decoration. Attach garland and Christmas bows to chandeliers. Dangle Christmas colored beads from the chandelier to add sparkle and reflect light.


Table Decorations

Deck the dinner table with ribbons tied to cutlery handles and the stems of drinking glasses. Add some floating candles to red and green dyed water. The bowls around the table can have twirls of Christmas ribbon and confetti added for a special Christmas effect.


Decorating your home for Christmas can be an exciting and enjoyable event. Let the entire family come up with some creative ideas to use in your home as you entertain guests and celebrate a season of happiness and joy with family and friends.