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Banjo dazzled Interior Design Masters judges with his creativity and wild imagination, leading him to relocate to an island off Scotland where he makes cheese. Now, Ideal Home shares this passion by featuring Banjo’s tartan blanket collection as part of its campaign.

Banjo edged out eight other contestants to claim victory and secure a contract to redesign a Beach Retreats apartment in Watergate Bay using his sustainable approach and natural textures, turning Winnow into something special.

Banjo Beale

Australian-born interior designer Banjo Beale uses vintage finds and clever design techniques to craft engaging spaces. After winning BBC’s Interior Design Masters competition in 2022, he settled down on Mull with Ro and run their cheese farm there. Now, in his latest project Designing the Hebrides, Banjo brings his unique talent and flair to various businesses and cottages around the Hebrides.

Each week, Banjo and his team undertake a distinctive makeover project within budget and on schedule. Set against breathtaking Scottish landscapes, this show presents eye-catching makeovers that capture Banjo’s energy and inventiveness.

Banjo and his team renovate family-run fish shops in Tobermory, bothies on Ulva island, bookshop and cafe on Skye island, using recycled materials with biophilic design elements to bring life back into these charming places. He teaches the locals how to create custom made furnishings.

Since winning the show, Banjo has been busy working on various projects. His latest is designing and building Winnow, a holiday home on Cornwall’s beach front that boasts open plan living with sea views, accommodating up to ten guests for maximum occupancy and offering rental agreements of three nights or longer.

Home is an elegant combination of natural colors, texture, and light. Banjo used a palette of orange, blue and green throughout his property to reflect local landscape. He also added biophilic design elements with real plants placed strategically to improve air quality.

Banjo has also designed an exquisite garden, filled with an assortment of colorful flowers and shrubs that attract wildlife as well as a heated swimming pool for relaxing swims.

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After winning the BBC television show, Banjo was presented with the opportunity to redesign a luxury self-catering apartment in Watergate Bay, Cornwall. Utilizing his expertise and creativity he transformed this beachside home, which is now open for bookings – creating an eye-catching contemporary space combining traditional with modern design elements.


Banjo’s interior design skills have propelled him into stardom on both television and the big screen. He hosts Scotland’s Home of the Year for BBC, has written a new book and will star in a TV show airing summer 2023. Additionally, his knowledge of Hebrides uses second-hand items to create eye-catching spaces with striking locations.

Ro, who manages Isle of Mull Cheese dairy, first came to Hebrides as broke backpackers but quickly fell in love with its people and culture, making the Hebrides their home ever since. Now living in a glass barn built by Reade family in 1980 they run a deli cafe cheese farm there while collecting unique curios and collections that serve as constant sources of inspiration for Banjo’s designs.

Attractions to this world include an exact reproduction of Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie and Nuts and Bolts as its main draw, along with other familiar pieces from both games such as Click Clock Wood, Freezeezy Peak, Mad Monster Mansion, Gobi’s Valley, Cloud Cuckooland Mayahem Temple Rusty Bucket Bay as well as its intro sequence– a parody of The Love Boat TV show– which serve to fill it out even further. The intro sequence begins just like The Love Boat series began!

As part of your challenge, you must flip several security cameras throughout the park. An airborne craft may prove particularly helpful as some cameras may be difficult to reach; once all three have been hit successfully, your mission will be complete!

As opposed to Hebrides-based challenges, this one does not involve timers; however, you will need to work together as a team in order to complete it. At least three members must qualify in your roster in order to participate; once one completes a task they become leader of their squad; they then select two additional teammates before beginning their challenge.

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Designing the Hebrides

Banjo Beale, winner of Interior Design Masters series three, lives on Mull Island with his husband Ro. Many places on Mull lack interior design elements; Banjo’s mission is to bring some to each space on Mull by using his resourcefulness and ingenuity along with his team of Scottish joiners to transform those places – in turn giving back to the community that welcomed them as home.

Banjo uses his local knowledge to bring Hebridean design dreams to life in this charming six-part series, from family fish shops in Tobermory and Ulva bothies to bookshop cafes on Skye. Each episode reveals Banjo and his team tackling a unique interior design project on tight budget and time constraints; set against stunning Hebridean scenery, each episode captures his enthusiasm with unique makeovers that showcase Banjo’s unwavering enthusiasm and distinctive style.

This series premiered on Wednesday 12 April at 8pm on BBC Two and can be accessed via BBC iPlayer; however due to copyright and distribution restrictions only content available within the UK may be viewed online. To watch the series in the US, a premium VPN service that can circumvent these restrictions and connect to a UK server may be necessary. A great choice would be NordVPN which offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well as outstanding customer support team. NordVPN operates multiple servers throughout the US and offers free trials to new customers – providing the perfect opportunity to test out its service and see whether it meets your needs. Also noteworthy is their no-logs policy which ensures your privacy remains safe while you use their service – an important selling point given the current state of surveillance in America. In addition, NordVPN’s no-limits plan makes streaming seamless.

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Banjo Beale has won hearts across the nation as an Interior Design Masters winner with Alan Carr this year. A multi-talented raconteur, stylist, and designer who adds his special brand of magic into everything he touches – cafes, hotels or shepherd huts alike are always transformed with his fresh approach and sense of fun!

His new show in the Hebrides follows him renovating amazing properties like a lighthouse, castle and bothy two hours from any road. Amidst extreme weather and straight talking locals, he battles the elements to build characterful spaces in stunning locales.

Banjo Beale and Ro have made the Isle of Mull their home since 2014 when they arrived as broke backpackers to work on a cheese farm. Since then, they’ve become passionate about this idyllic island and its people; hosting charity nights for fellow yak farmers; as well as leading two expeditions to Nepal to assist local communities there.

Their social enterprise brings tourism to the island while simultaneously empowering women through micro-enterprises that offer them training in traditional Hebridean crafts. Furthermore, they participate in knitting club Woolly Wednesdays on Mull, as well as reusing and repairing charity that gives old furniture new life. Banjo’s style is informal with nods towards classic Australian beach culture – using recycled materials whenever possible such as lightshades crafted from an old Hungarian chicken coop lightshade or Ibiza parasols, or foraged driftwood; additionally his wallpaper designs feature faces of surfers or campervans made using pineapple tops discarded from another.