Contemporary Design – Ideas To Smarten Up Your Bedroom

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The design of your bedroom says a lot about you as a person, some people prefer to have comforting, traditional floral designs but most people like to keep up to date with the latest fashions which at the moment tends to be more contemporary design. There are numerous effects that can be created to give a contemporary look; it isn’t all about having chrome and glass everywhere but more about making it neat, with clean lines and patterns mixed with plain colours that complement each other. Within this article I will discuss some of the key features of a contemporary bedroom design.


Three contemporary design bedroom ideas:

The Most Spacious Layout For Your bedroom

The first item on the agenda when re-designing your bedroom is to decide the layout, the idea of contemporary design is to give the impression of space and clean lines, to achieve this you want to try and focus on ensuring your furniture is kept to a minimum and around the edges of the room. Try and buy items that have as many hidden areas of storage as possible. For example, you can buy a bed that has large drawers underneath to hold extra clothing or personal items. If you need items extra space then try making it in to a feature within the room i.e. a chest at the foot of the bed that both gives a rustic look to the room at the same time as providing additional space.

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bedroom contemporary design ideas
By Marcelle Guilbeau under CC BY-ND 2.0


Deciding On A Colour Scheme

On the whole these tend to be light and airy but they certainly don’t have to be, there are no ‘rules’ to contemporary design as such, it is about combining what you like with a modern feel. The most popular way of integrating a colour that would otherwise look dark and drab is to paint 3 walls in white or a light colour and then have a feature wall; the feature wall will either be a different colour or have wallpaper on. Try and keep your furniture neutral on the whole so that it fits in with the walls and then add certain feature items.

Adding Feature Items To Give Personality

You may feel that your room feels a little cold and clinical by this point with the exception of your feature wall, the way to get around this is to add feature items that are different colours, material or textures to bring a bit of life to the room. The chest at the foot of the bed is an example of this along with having a large luxury headboard designed. The headboard is effectively the fireplace of a bedroom, it is the first thing you see when you walk in and if it is impressive enough then it is something people will certainly be in awe of. If you have a hardwood floor then consider putting a rug down under the bed and maybe have laminate flooring on the wall that the headboard is touching. You can be as creative and out of the box as you want to be, if you have an eye for it then you can make unusual concepts look very appealing.