When it comes to decorating a man room, you have to design and decorate it according to his mood and needs. Mostly the kind of rooms men like are simple and plain, too much design and stuff does not appeal to them. The most appropriate style to decorate a single man’s room is the contemporary one. It is easy to maintain and gives a very stylish look.


Tips on decorating man room

The contemporary style combines the use of a good fabric with modern style sleek furniture. Men don’t like big stuffy and heavily carved furniture. Buy it simple in black and grey or even plain wood color would look good. Buy a king size bed for the room so it is easy for taller men to sleep on. Also try to get all the furniture pieces of the same set. It would give a sense of uniformity and calmness that is required in a room owned by a man. You can place a flat screen wall mounted television on the wall opposite the bed. This would complement the sleek furniture present. Also there should be an entertainment area in the room. Add speakers with the television and place a rack for keeping games and DVD’s that matches the rest of the furniture.

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decorated man room
By Juan David Cadena ValldeRuten under CC BY-ND 2.0


Always choose the color for a man’s room that is soothing and gives a feeling of calmness. From paint to bedding, beige, blue, black and white, green or grays go well with the décor just keep the prints minimum. Stripes or plain sheets would suit better and would look more masculine. Windows can consist of blinds but a much better option is that of drapes made with soft fabric. It would make the room look more refined but at the same time keep the element of warmness in it. Never put flowers or arrangements in a man’s room, but to give a fresh feeling, you can place a single green plant in a corner. The great attractive colors are essential and performing important role for decorating home location and over all decorating purposes.

Contemporary styles bedrooms encourages a clutter free surrounding so everything should be properly placed and things that are not used or required in the room should moved out. For wall hangings, add an abstract art painting that blends well in the room or a black and white portrait or even you can choose your favorite photograph, get it shaded with black and white, frame it and then hang it on an empty wall. Just keep in mind that your bed should remain the main focus point of the room. Room decorating is an interest activity especially for women. You can get high achievement for home decor ideas and also implement through photo to canvas prints which is a best way for decorating rooms and other parts of house.