Design Ideas For Your Home Exercise Room

design ideas, home exercise room

Having a home exercise room is a dream for many homeowners but there are many different things you can do in order to turn this into a reality. The truth is that people tend to think way too much about layout and planning. Here are some really simple tips that are going to help you to design the perfect home exercise room you will simply love working out in.

Choose The Largest Available Room

Sometimes the design process starts on the wrong foot simply because people have this idea that the home exercise rooms need to be small. This is completely incorrect since the cramped rooms do tend to lower motivation. In the event your space is limited, try to avoid filling it with too much equipment. When the area is uncluttered, even a 10×10 room can be great. When the space is even smaller, the room is enough just to do pushups, jump ropes, planks, yoga and similar. Furniture choices often help you to create open space like moving a dining table.

A really important thing to remember is to avoid working out in rooms that have shelves. They are going to distract you. It is possible to end up thinking that you have to clean when the truth is that all you had to do was remove the shelves. Also, whenever possible, go for the room with larger windows. Natural sunlight does help the overall design of such a room.

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Paint the Room White

The entire space has to feel clear and clean. A fresh paint coat is a great idea. Never go for the gym warm colors. They can make you feel tired and are relaxing. What you want in your home exercise gym is a space that is bright and that can energize you. White is the best possible choice in such a scenario. An eggshell finish is also a really good idea as cleaning is much simpler. The wipeable, glossy finish is great for a home workout space.

Choose Appropriate Lighting

Track lighting may not be something you prefer but it is highly flexible. The home gym is going to evolve so such lighting helps as you can easily change lighting position. Various light-head styles are available and you can choose out of different light temperatures.

Full Length Mirrors

In a gym you can always see full length mirrors because they help you to lower injury risks as you work out. At the same time, it helps motivate as progress is made. You want to have a mirror that is large enough for full body coverage. Make sure that you hang it and not lean it on the wall as that would offer a distorted view of your appearance.

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Use Portable Sound Systems

Great music will help you to be more energized as you work out but you do not need something too complex for that. Remote portable speakers are great and there is no shortage of options available. You can put them in any part of the room and you do not have to worry about cables. Bluetooth connectivity makes the place less crowded, which is what you surely want in the first place.

Your home exercise room should be designed based on personal preference but do consider the advice above. You want the room to be lucrative, not just look great.