Design Ideas For Shared Kids’ Bedrooms

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Sharing a bedroom with a brother or sister is something that can be quite exciting but it can also be pretty bad in the event the room is not properly designed. There are always going to be some territorial squabbles but the overall experience is bonding and fun. If the home is small or there are more children than available bedrooms, the shared bedroom is definitely something that has to be taken into account. Designing this room is difficult for most parents since it is important to allow every child to express personality.

Room size will always dictate the taken approach but there are always things that you can do. The following visual tips can make the shared kids’ bedrooms much better.

Sharing Visual Elements

For starters, you can use the exact same bedding for both a toddler bed and a crib so that the room is automatically tied together. Then, use a paint color that is the same for the wall accents.

If you have a small kids’ bedroom, you cannot divide it up. An alternative is to make every single side visually identical with the use of accents and bedding. If you go for different bedding for every child, visually unite all the available space with colorful bunting that is hung across a room.

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If you have no idea what to do, consider using striped walls to tie the entire room together. At the same time, the actual space of the child should have similar but not identical colors and shapes. For instance, in one place use hanging flowers while in the others you use fabric embroidery.

Children Need Space

Every child that lives in the bedroom needs some sort of personal space. This is something that is necessary. You can always add a shelf room divider, with children being allowed to store what they want in their sides or simply hang some toys. If you have a bunk bed in the room, consider adding semi-private desk areas on the sides so that personal space becomes available.

Other options that you can easily consider to create personal space include:

  • Add tall wardrobes that can also function as storage.
  • Add a set of shelves for every single child to use.
  • Physical gates can divide the room – this is something that can seem extreme but it is a good option in the event there is a large age gap between the children.
  • Curtains can easily be added as they are flexible and impermanent.
  • Create sides with different color schemes to divide space.
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Final Thoughts

If it is possible, do talk with the children before making changes. If you stand down with them in order to talk about how to design the room, it will help you to come up with great ideas they are going to simply love.