Tips To Design A Bohemian Interior

Adrian Cruce

Tips To Design A Bohemian Interior

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The Bohemian interior design style is one that easily catches your attention and that many will end up faced with a special love attached to the look. Bohemian manages to break rules and make current design trends obsolete. We commonly refer to this style as Boho style and you will also see many saying Boho chic. While in many cases we see Boho style as being a crazy mix of different textures, colors and styles, the result is harmonious and attractive for most people.

In order to help you get the most out of the Bohemian interior style, here are the factors you want to think about.

Color Choices

The Bohemian interiors will always be colorful and filled with patterns. The style will not be monochrome and there will not be any strict rules that you have to follow in order to combine the hues. Designers are normally encouraged to add striking patterns and bold combinations. This is the case even when adding just one furniture type, carpet or wall décor.

Choose one of the popular colors like deep purple, sunny yellow, bright pink or rich burgundy. Focus on adding some colorful patterns as decorative rugs, patchwork or cushions.

Pattern Choices

Patterns in Boho style are normally brave. They combine different prints and patterns. Most of the Boho interiors will be inspired by some motives that come from exotic countries like Africa and India. Just make sure that there is no main influence coming from only one country. If that is the case, the room will not be Boho style.

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Light Choices

Bohemian interiors always need to add a lot of natural light. That is a huge priority. As you choose the light fixture, you have to think about creating diffused and soft light. The exotic pieces like the Moroccan lamp will normally be a perfect fit for the Bohemian interior. You can also consider other options like beaded chandeliers, colorful lampshades, vintage pieces or large lamps.

Furniture Choices

With the Bohemian style it is a really good idea to buy source furniture. This is available in garage sales, auctions and flea markets. You need to find something that is as original and as unique as possible. If a piece is old, it will look better for Bohemian styles. Make sure that you will not go for something extreme. Try to also add some items that are modern. If that is not the case, you would end up with an apartment that is similar to an antique shop.

Accessories To Consider

Unusual and quirky accessories are necessary in order to complete the Boho look. Your imagination has to be let free and you need to think about going a little crazy with the options available. Exotic textiles and rugs are normally quite great but you can also consider travel or fringe souvenirs, crochet or lace. A musical instrument can also be quite a great option that can be added to the Boho interior style.