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How To Design A Mexican Patio

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It is quite interesting to see a Mexican patio as it envelops the Mexican culture’s architectural design and a really colorful nature. Patios are usually inlaid with the use of vibrant tiles, terra cotta elements and copper metal accents. Money is sometimes a concern but you can easily design your Mexican patio even if you do not have much money available.

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Stones – Tiles

You can actually find authentic Mexican tiles in stores. The true Mexican will always utilize authentic tiles with the alternative being painted pavers. You can use cement tiles, which are perfect for an outdoor setting. Buy varieties of coordinating colors and patterns. It is quite an easy design to coordinate. You just have to look at some pictures and replicate what you see.

Use An Outdoor Oven

A stone or terra cotta outdoor oven that is accented with the use of Mexican tile counters is quite great for a fiesta, a barbeque and whatever else you may desire. You should consider the outdoor oven as it is a really good alternative to the much popular grill. The outdoor oven can be used as both a place where you can cook and as a source of heat. Burning areas are large. The great options are available in clay, stone and metal.

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Mexican Patio Furniture

When you want to select furniture, consider hammered metal like copper accented, aluminum and iron. Items can so easily be customized or you can treat them in order to gain an antique look, if that is something you want. Stained glass and tiled tables are available in yellow, blue, orange or turquoise. Mural satillo tiles are very good and you can easily create your own side table. In the event that you want a modern design, spray paint can be used.

Mexican Patio Décor

Whenever thinking about Mexican décor, we need to consider colors like red and yellow. The Mexican color schemes will involve earthy tones like terra cotta or deep red, in a combination with vibrant turquoise, bright red and blue. For the tabletops and walls, use Mexican crafted figurines, ceramic bull heads and candle arrangements.

Mexican Patio Gardens

The garden that you add in the patio area can easily enhance appearance. Try to consider those plants that have large, broad leaves. Use brightly colored flowers like yellow zinnias and orange zinnias. They will attract butterflies. Salvias and dahlias are great choices for a really vibrant flower garden.