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The Brief and Only Camping Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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Did you know that over the past year, over 10 million households went camping for the first time ever? It’s no surprise that camping has risen in popularity lately. The benefits of spending time in the great outdoors are myriad, and camping is an excellent way to experience them.

Have you been thinking about going camping with your family or friends? Before you go, there are some things to know and prepare for first. Here’s a camping checklist to help you pack the travel essentials you need for your trip.


If you are doing overnight camping, the first and most important item on your list is shelter. A tent is an obvious pick, but don’t forget to bring other accessories to set it up like a hammer and extra stakes, ground tarps, etc. You might also want comforts like an air mattress, good bedding, and pillows.


When the sun goes down you’ll want to have flashlights, lanterns, and even a headlamp or two to help light your way at night. And don’t forget about kitchen essentials, like pots to cook your food in, cutlery, and other utensils to prepare food with. Think about other equipment you may want, like a radio, a camp coffee pot, foldable chairs, a cooler, and so on.

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In the excitement of packing, many folks forget to pay special attention to what they bring in terms of clothing. No matter what the weather forecast, pack a few layers just in case and include extra socks and underwear. Sturdy footwear is a must along with slip-on sandals or flip-flops for an outhouse/shower session or other excursions.

Include a First Aid Kit in Your Camping Checklist

When camping outdoors, most people don’t expect accidents to happen on vacation. But it’s important to be ready if something happens, so be sure to include a first aid kit on your list. Make sure it is stocked with everything from medications to bandages so that you are prepared in case you or your other fellow campers are injured.


The camping industry has come a long way since the days of pup tents and cooking food over a simple campfire. Now you can bring your own portable generator to help power everything from your favorite devices to medical machines. A solar powered generator is well suited to the outdoors, but be sure to do your research to find the best match for your needs.

Ready To Go Camping?

Now that you’ve learned about how to prepare a camping checklist, you can pack with confidence and be prepared for your trip. Start with basic needs like shelter, bedding, and food, and then move on to other items that will help make your experience optimum. You can even bring a generator to keep you connected to your devices and other modern conveniences while in the great outdoors.

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