Different Types of Cigar Cutter


A cigar cutter, also called a cigar cutter or cigar knife, is a specialized mechanical device designed primarily to cut off one end of a cigar with a cutting tool attached to the end. While some cigars are completely cut from both ends, usually the preferred type, most cigars come with only one cut end, and often, only one side in a cap which must often be cut off to make the cigar smoke evenly. There are many different styles of cigar cutters. Some cut a cigar at the center, near the head. Others cut the cigar at the foot, near the end where it attaches to the cigar case (this style is referred to as a “toro”).

cigar cutters

One of the most common types of cigar cutters is simply the flat cutter. This style is very convenient if you plan to smoke multiple cigars at once. Simply place the cigar cutter between each cigar, pull it out, and then, in one fluid motion, flip the cigar cutter over and the cigars are done. Other cutters are known as “smooth,” “taper” or “waffle” cutters. These have a slightly different action but work well for those who enjoy a more even smoking experience.

There are several different types of cigar cutters available. Some, such as the cutter described above, are available at local cigar shops and retailers. Some are sold in online stores as well. A popular style is the cap end cutter, which is simply a rounded piece of metal that has been molded into a cigar cutter. It resembles the end of a knife and is used for smoking milder flavored cigars.

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Cap end cutters are a bit more expensive than flat cutters. These cigar cutters have a round edge, rather than a smooth one. If you are looking for a cigar cutter with a lot of style, then this might be the one for you. They are also made in various sizes and shapes. If you can’t find the kind that you want at your local retailer or cigar shop, an online cigar cutter store should be able to order them for you.

Some cigar cutters are referred to as cigar punch. Instead of a mold for the cigar cutter, a hole is cut in the end of the shank so the cigar can be placed inside. This style is popular for smaller scale cigar cutters. There are also cigar cutters that resemble a cigar warmer. Instead of a mold, this is a metal stick that is heated prior to smoking. The cigar is placed on the cigar warmer before it is lit.

In addition to the cigar cutters described above, there are other types. For example, there are electric cigars cutters that work similar to those that you would use for smoking cigarettes. There are also hand held cigar cutters with a straight blade and a clip for the handle. Electric cigar cutters may be used to cut a single cigar or many at the same time. With the cigar-shaped blade, it is easier to smoke than a manually held blade.