The Different Types of Replacement Window Explained

Adrian Cruce

The Different Types of Replacement Window Explained

Before ordering replacement windows for your house, you have to learn a bit about the different types. There are numerous options you can choose from and replacement windows vary in shape, size, materials used and numerous other things. The cost of a replacement window can also vary greatly based on the things we mentioned earlier. You can pay from $100 to $800 per window and you should also consider the payment for the contractor who will install your replacement windows.

Finding the best replacement windows for your house is not an easy task but learning about the different types of windows will allow you to make the best decision for your house and to end up with a result that you’ll love.

Double Hung And Single Hung Replacement Windows

These two types of replacement windows are the most common options on the market at the moment. The difference between them is in how the window sections more. In the single hung windows, the bottom window panel moves while the upper sash does not while in double hung windows, both the upper and lower sash of the windows can be lowered or raised.

Glass Block Replacement Windows

This type of windows is typically used as accents to a room where you need more light. Most glass block windows can be purchased with designs or frosted to give you privacy and they can’t be opened or closed. They are great in the bathroom or other private spaces of the house where you want to enjoy day light.

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Round Replacement Windows

There are different many shapes that fall under the round window category including elliptical, half round, round and oval windows. Great for Victorian or Gothic decorated houses, round replacement windows can easily become the focal point of a room especially if instead of simple glass, you choose stained glass or if you use decorative grills. These extra additions will add up to the cost of window replacement but if you want to invest in a special project and to end up with a one of a kind result, you should give the round windows a try.

Bay Or Bow Replacement Windows

If you want to add additional floor space to a room, bay or bow replacement windows are for you. These types of windows come out of the exterior wall, creating a shelf in the home. Both types of windows create nice accents to a home but bay windows are better for modern homes while bow window look better in old houses, such as Victorian style houses. Bay windows are usually flat and set into a frame built outside the house. Bow windows on the other hand are curved windows, usually custom made, that come together creating a circular space in the home. These types of replacement windows are perfect for those who want to add a little bit of space to a room and/or to create a corner for relaxation or reading near the window.

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Skylight Replacement Windows

If you want to add more light to your house, skylight windows can be a solution especially if your options are limited when it comes to exterior walls. You can choose between skylight windows that open and close and the ones that don’t. They are great for bathrooms or bedrooms if you are one of those people who love to fall asleep looking at the sky.

Egress Replacement Windows

Egress windows are usually installed in the basement or other places of a house that does not have a reliable exist. These windows’ are mainly designed for safety purposes such as allowing you to escape safely from a fire or other emergency that doesn’t allow you to reach the doors.