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3 Pro Tips for Using Pellet Fuel Efficiently

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If you like nothing more than to work your magic over a BBQ grill, you’re not limited to liquid fuel, firewood, or charcoal. Pellet fuel is also a great option.

You can use wood pellets for heating, cooking, and more. If you want to use a pellet grill to cook up a storm for family and friends outdoors, it makes sense how to use pellet fuel efficiently.

Keep reading to learn about 3 pro tips that’ll help you efficiently use pellet fuel.

1. Maintain Pellet Grill to Manufacturer Specifications

Your pellet grill or stove will work more efficiently if it’s maintained properly. What this means is following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. There will be weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance procedures.

Unless you have the skills and the tools, you might want to reach out to a professional to do an annual cleaning and tuneup of your unit. A professional will be able to do a thorough job to ensure your pellet stove functions well.

This includes, but is not limited to, assessing and cleaning the hopper, switches, auger plates, and pellet stove pipe.

Another pellet fuel benefit? You can use the ashes to fertilize the plants in your garden. So, pellets are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. Understand What You’re Grilling

If you want to grill like the pros and use your pellet fuel more efficiently, you need to understand that you can’t cook all cuts of meat the same way.

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So, how you cook filet mignon or Kobe beef isn’t the same way you cook lamb chops or baby back ribs. Knowing how much pellet fuel to use, how long to cook different types of foods, and what temperatures are best is critical.

The pros will ask themselves the following questions before putting anything on the grill:

  • Does the cut of meat have any bone in it?
  • What type of muscle is the meat?
  • Is the cut of meat white or dark?
  • How much fat does the cut of meat possess?
  • How much cartilage does the meat have?

Case in point: It takes more time to grill dark meat than white meat because the former has a higher density and fat content than does the latter.

You can get specific instructions online about ideal temperatures to cook different things. Some meats should be marinated, wrapped, or basted prior to cooking. Following the right instructions will lead to mouth-watering food. 

3. Use the Right Pellet Fuel

You’ll experience the most benefits of pellet fuel if you get the right kind. Getting the lowest price pellet fuel might be good for your wallet, but it might jeopardize your culinary experience. So, ensure you get good quality.

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Finding quality pellets will unleash bold flavors into whatever you cook on the pellet grill or stove. You can get pellets made from different types of wood or infused with different types of flavors.

Some types will work better with different types of meat and different types of cuts.

Use Pellet Fuel to Grill Your Fine Gruel

Keep these tips and tricks in mind if you want to learn how to use pellet fuel more efficiently when grilling like the pros. You’ll be able to make the tastiest, most succulent food while using your pellet grill or stove.

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