How to Eliminate Unpleasant Hot Tub Rash

Hot tub

If you have been using hot tubs for long, the probable things is that at one point or the other you have experienced a rash or have seen someone with the same due to something that is spa connected. In common cases, hot tub rash is normally caused by unpleasant reactions to the treatment chemicals that are normally used in the spa. This allergic reaction is however avoidable if only you know how to go about it and adhere to the laid out water treatment guidelines. There are different chemicals used in treating spa water and these include bromine and chlorine and most of them could affect your skin giving you some red, itchy and dry patches which are extremely uncomfortable. When treating your hot tub water, it is important to consider a number of factors including the ones given below so that you can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience while at the same time avoiding the uncomfortable rash.


Use natural maintenance products

One of the best ways to eliminate the unpleasant hot tub bacteria is by using natural products to treat your water. These products are generally intended to make the water safe, soft and comfortable thus dealing a blow to the infectious bacteria while at the same time being gentle to your skin. These natural products are normally chemical-free but highly effective in dealing with contaminants while at the same time maintaining some level of freshness to your soaking water. Using these products will help you relax without fearing the effects that are caused by chemicals such as bromine and chlorine which could be toxic to different people. Always make sure that the alkalinity and the pH levels are properly balanced before soaking in the hot tub water.

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By claire rowland [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Always clean your hot tub after use

Another way to avoid the hot tub rash is by cleaning your unit after use. This will help in keeping the unit clean and fresh thus eliminating any kind of contaminants that are likely to grow from different elements and especially the grease and oils from your body. Combining this process with the natural products will always help you enjoy freshness after every soak and this does not only help in the prevention of skin diseases but also in preventing an escalation of the already existing conditions.


Always take a shower after every soak

Normally, hot tub rash is easily spread in shared recreational hot tubs and most likely yours might be open to other people for use. In case of such a scenario, it is always important to shower after every soaking session using antibacterial soaps to reduce the risk of this infectious disease. Additionally, you should clean your soaking/swimsuit after every soaking session and allow it to dry completely before putting it on again. If at all you are using a private hot tub, it is important to disinfect it regularly and make sure that the pH levels are balanced properly. If using a public spa, you might want to know how often the disinfection is done and whether the person in change takes care of the cleaning process as it should be done.