How to Install Your Hot Tub

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Having a hot tub in your backyard could be one of the greatest additions that you could ever have. Spas are large and electrically multifaceted systems which makes their installation a little bit tough but not impossible. The technology used in the manufacturing of hot tubs has ensured the introduction of self-contained units and this means you do not require any form of plumbing when setting up the units. However, installing the spas requires proper setting up and compliance with the building regulations set in place by your area authorities. Below are some valuable tips that will help you during the installation hot tub:


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Identify the location for your hot tub installation

Of importance, you should first understand your city building codes to establish the distance at which your hot tub should be located away from the house. Some city building codes require the spa owners to locate the units 1.5m away from the property line and the same distance from the house.  You should ensure that the position of choice is large enough and flat so as to guarantee sufficient space for spa users to get in and out. The location of choice will also help you determine the right size of the hot tub you will purchase based on the available space.

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Prepare the site of choice

When preparing the site, it is important to consider the hot tub weight and especially when it is full. This will help you understand the need for a firm foundation which will be able to hold the massive weight and thus guarantee safety. You should use concrete to build a strong pad and make sure that this foundation is flat and balanced. Additionally, you should structure the power cable routes which should be away from the commonly used paths in order to avoid possible electrocution. You can use above/underground conduits but make sure to comply with area codes.

Place the spa on the foundation

After buying the hot tub, the next thing will be to transport it home and then position on your new built foundation. You should get some extra hands to assist you in this since the accessories are normally heavier and this it will be hard for you to do this safely on your own. Once placed on the foundation, continue with the assembling process using the provided owner’s manual. Once assembled properly, you should plug in the power and make sure that this is done in the right outlet which should be more than 240V. During the preparations, have a reliable electrician install a circuit breaker to the electrical control box to cater for the voltage difference.

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Prepare the spa for use

After testing and being sure that everything is done right, switch of the power and clean your spa making sure that the knobs and the jets are properly positioned. Open the spa air valves and then go ahead and fill the spa with water. Once this is done, switch on the electricity and start heating the spa. Add the recommended amounts an types of chemicals to purify the water and when this is done and the water is hot, start enjoying your unit.

You should keep your hot tub covered when not in use to prevent heat escape and also to ensure that no debris fall into the water. This is important for keeping the electrical bills down and also maintaining the water hygiene.