Essential Machinery for Metalworking

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Metalworking projects require specialized tools if you want to end up with the desired result. However, those starting out might be confused by the many tools they need to complete different projects. Smaller and medium-sized shops might require the same tools in addition to some other bigger specialized tools. Below, we will look at the machinery required to complete different metalworking projects in small to medium-sized shops.


There is no other tool that gives you the amount of control you have when cutting than bandsaws do. Bandsaws use a band for a blade and there are different variations for different types of materials. You can get ones for metal, stone, or even wood.

The saw is very thin and this is why bandsaws can make intricate cuts while giving you greater control when working with a material. Bandsaws are best suited for round curves, smooth corners, and detailed cutouts.

It is very important to choose the right teeth for the type of material you are working on for safety reasons. Since bandsaws are quite expensive, many people prefer to buy a used high-end model from an auction rather than choosing a new, lower-quality, and cheaper model.

Wet and Dry Metal Deburring Machines

As metal undergoes various processes such as grinding, cutting, engraving, or milling, burrs (rough edges or ridges) can form on the material being worked on. The process of removing these burrs is what is known as deburring. These rough edges are a safety concern and shops working with metal use deburring machines to remove them.

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A metal shop has a choice between wet and dry deburring machines. A wet metal deburring machine forces all debris formed during the process into a water tank which captures and cools them. This prevents the risk of an explosion or fire. Dry deburring machines, on the other hand, use a vacuum system to remove debris from the work area.

Dry deburring machines are best suited when working on one type of material while wet deburring machines are a must when working on different metals. These include metals that produce dust such as aluminum and others that produce sparks such as steel. The sparks from the steel can ignite the dust particles from the aluminum thereby causing an explosion or a fire.

Flux Core Welders

Although there are different types of welding machines to choose from, flux core welders are preferred. Flux core welding is easy for those who have never welded before and there are no gasses to deal with. However, newbies still have to learn how to manage their welds.

Flex core welders are essential tools because they can be used almost anywhere and can be used by anybody because the welder does not have to work with shielding gas. They are also essential because, without some kind of welder, your shop will be severely shorthanded.

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Drill Press

Drill presses have some advantages over using other drills because they hold the piece being worked on in one position. Because you do not have to mess with a drill that might get unbalanced, drill presses are very safe when used correctly.


Your ability to complete metalworking projects will largely depend on the tools you have because you need them to put your skills to work. There are machines that you absolutely must have in the shop and the list above is a good place to start to get your shop in working order.