Every year around this time we’re struck with the sudden urge to clear our homes of the winter cobwebs. Kitchens are deep cleaned, living room rearranged, gardens are planted and walls are painted. It’s a fresh start for our homes and a new beginning for us. The projects we’ve said we would do over the winter are finally pulled out of the closet and a million new cucumber recipes are attempted. Everything feels new and exciting as we prepare for the summer months. It’s an uplifting and throughly beautiful time of the year, but we’re still busy and our lives are still demanding which means finding time to prepare can be difficult. So here are five quick tips for the big spring revamp that will keep cost and time down while still making your home look sparkly and new.


1.Bathroom and kitchen:

The most time consuming of any of the rooms that need cleaning are the kitchen and bathroom which are both daunting and, to be honest, annoying. But an intense scrub down of these two rooms will give you the energy you need to complete the rest of the cleaning. Get these out of the way first!

2.Fresh flowers!

Bringing the fresh blooms of spring into your home will make immediate and fragrant changes to your home. You’ll be on your way to spring fulfillment in seconds. The local farmers market is a great place to gather fresh and local flowers. Vases can be found easily and inexpensively at your local salvation army or other second hand store. Combine the two and you have a lovely new look.

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3.Switch out your wall art!

Art can be expensive so make sure you find a cost effective way to do this. Wall decals are a great and incredibly easy way to make this happen. Simply remove your stale art and replace it with a giant and lovely picture of a far away land and you’re on your way to new home bliss. Your walls are a major focal point of your home and changing up this space is vital to any home redecorating.

4.New curtains:

Over the winter months curtains can become musty and lose their airy beauty, switching them out for a lighter and brighter alternative can make a world of difference.

5.Throw open your windows!

This might seem like an obvious and silly answer to your spring cleaning problems, but a warm breeze sifting through your home will rejuvenate your spirit and put you in the cleaning mood. Turn on some of your favorite music and make an afternoon of it!


Deep cleaning your entire home might seem daunting, but organizing your space can be incredibly rewarding. Take it one room at a time and set small goals. At the end of each season we need a good pick me up, a reason to look forward to the coming of the next. There will be barbecues and dinner parties to show off your beautiful new home, lunches with friends and libations on porches. So throw open your windows, wipe down that kitchen counter, redecorate those walls and enjoy the refreshing feelings of spring! Happy new season.